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Create Schedule Groups


Schedule Group allows you to create many schedules with ease.

How Schedule Group differs to Schedules - is that instead of creating a one-off schedule to occur on a certain date (Schedules), you can create multiple schedules to run any day of the week at consistent times - between a start and end date.

Note: once created, you cannot delete schedule groups if there are any bookings attached to the group schedules. 

If you need to delete the group but can't - find the schedules with bookings attached and change the schedules status to CANCELLED. 


How to Create Multiple Schedules (Schedule Group)

A schedule group allows the client to setup multiple repeatable schedules. 

  2. Click the CREATE GROUP SCHEDULE button
  3. Complete the required fields
  4. Note that the number of slots is the number of slots created for each schedule not the total number of slots shared between schedules.
  5. Select the 'generate' checkbox and click the ADD button


If you are scheduling an Activity where customers can book/hire a Resource (e.g. room or pitch bookings) ensure you set only 1 Slot if you don't want multiple people booking the same resource at the same time.