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Creating a New Booking


You can create a new booking linked to that schedule by clicking the CREATE NEW BOOKING button found on the BOOKINGS tab for a particular schedule.

This button offers admin the ability to jump straight to the booking process to make a booking specifically for linked to this schedule.


Please follow the steps below to acheive this:

  2. Use the Search Filter (on the left hand-side under "create schedule") to filter your results to look for a specific schedule.
  3. Open the required schedule by clicking into it.
  4. Once opened you'll see a BOOKINGS tab - click this.
  5. Underneath where you checkin participants - you'll see a CREATE NEW BOOKING button - click this.

Note: clicking the Create New Booking button will take you straight to the billing page - to enter the customers information (skipping the booking and basket page) because the schedule is linked to a location, activity, and start time - therefore you do not need to select a schedule on the booking page.