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Cancelling a Schedule


This page will describe how to cancel a schedule for an activity, and any bookings made on it already.

Cancelling a schedule with bookings will notify all purchasers of the bookings, via email & SMS.

Note: you will need an operation added to ADMIN > DATA > SCHEDULE - called SCHEDULE CANCELLED.
If this is not showing on your system, then please contact support or your Project Manager. 
You will also need to create a CANCELLATION MESSAGE type to be sent when you trigger this operation. 

How to Cancel a Schedule

  2. Click the schedule you wish to cancel or SELECT ALL.
  3. Select the message you want to send on the SCHEDULE CANCELLED operation (top of page under main navigation).
    Note: Some systems can even enter a reason for the cancellation in the text box.
  4. Click the CANCEL DAY button.
  5. Bookinglive will then add these schedules to the ADMIN > DATA > SCHEDULE CANCELLED section, and set them to be cancelled in one hour. (This is to ensure that if some schedules are cancelled in error it can be undone before the system carries out the cancelling) 
  6. When an hour is up the schedule will be cancelled and purchasers notified as part of a regularly scheduled operation.

Note: The bookings that are cancelled by this operation will have their statuses changed to Rebookable Cancelled, this means that administrators will be able to book them back into a different schedule.  

Note: If you do not wish to wait an hour for the schedules to be cancelled then you can go into ADMIN > DATA > SCHEDULE CANCELLED, select the cancel day you wish to run and set the "To Run At" time to the current time, the cancel day will then run at the next available run (available runs are normally: On the Hour, 20 minutes past, 40 minutes past) - these can be sped up if you contact BookingLive.


If your users have My Account:

Customers of these bookings can log in to their My Account and see the cancelled booking, and are then able to rebook the same activity on a different schedule. For more information about using My Account to view + rebook see here: My Account