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A schedule refers to the availability of an activity. Each activity can have multiple schedules. Schedules do not effect the cost of the activity unless using variable pricing.

For example Activity A can have schedules for:

  1. 10th September 2011 at 12pm with 10 slots available.
  2. 10th September 2011 to 15th September 2011 Starting at 2pm and Ending at 4pm with 10 slots available.
  3. 10th September 2011 at 12pm with 10 slots available is used for both Activity A AND Activity B.

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Start Date The start date of the schedule Mandatory
End Date The end date of the schedule. Optional
Start Time The start time of the schedule. Mandatory
End Time The end time of the schedule. Mandatory
Activities The activities that will run on this schedule. Mandatory
Original Slots The amount of available slots to book on this schedule. ** Mandatory
Booking Office Only This determins whether the schedul is available for customers or administrators only. If selected that schedule will only be able to be booked on by people log into the system. however the activity will still be available to view on the website. Mandatory
Status This will determine whether the schedule is available to book or not. Mandatory
Staff Group This will assign a predefined group of staff to this schedule Optional
Location This will determine at what location the schedule will be available. Mandatory
Schedule Group This shows the schedule group this schedule belongs to Optional
IsOneBookingOnly This is for a schedule that takes only one booking.  It might have 10 slots but once a booking for any number of slots is made then no other bookings can be made - the slots availabe becomes 0  
AM / PM By selecting the AMPM checkbox the system will hide that Start Time and End Time and instead fill it with default values based on the AM (e.g. 10am) or PM (e.g. 4pm).  

**If you set 10 Original Slots and your Activty Slots Used is set to 2, for every booking 2 slots will be deducted. 

If you are making a schedule for an Activity where customers can book/hire a Resource (e.g. room or pitch bookings) ensure you apply only 1 Original Slots if you don't want multiple people booking the same resource at the same time.

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