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Prerequisites are a statement customers must agree to before they can complete their booking. They are linked to activities and will only display when that activity is being purchased.  

How to create a prerequisite

  1. Go to the ADMIN > DATA module.
  2. Select PREREQUISITE and click the CREATE PREREQUISITE button.
  3. Complete the information and click the ADD button.
  4. Next, assign the prerequisite to your activities.

How to assign a prerequisite to an activity

  1. Go to ADMIN > DATA module.
  2. Select ACTIVITIES & COURSES and then click the relavant activity.
  3. Scroll down to the PREREQUISITES section.
  4. In the selection box on the left you will see all the prerequisites that have been created.
  5. Select one by one the prerequisites you want to add clicking the “Add” button to move them over to the box on the right and thus linking them to this activity.
    nb elected prerequisites can be removed by highlighting them and clicking the remove button.
  6. When complete, click the SAVE button.

Where do prerequisites appear on the website?

Prerequisites appear on Stage 3 (Billing Information) of the booking process as shown below. The user will not be able to proceed to payment until this checkbox is selected.