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Advanced Booking – Discount


The Advanced Booking - Discount package allows you to sell an activity at a reduced rate, when that activity is booked x weeks in advance.

For example, Activity A costs £100 but if booked more than 8 weeks in advance, it will cost £90.

How to setup the package

1. Go to Packages
2. Create new package
3. Give it a name (will be displayed to a customer at bottom of screen)
4. Type should be "ActivityEarlyBirdDiscount"
5. Discount amount should be money you want to remove (i'd stick to % to cater for multiple quantity)
6. TiredDiscountType should be FixedDiscount or PercentageDiscount
7. Add the activities the package will work for
8. Set Days in Advance for number of days before the schedule date you want this active from. I.e. 30 would be more than 30 days in advance apply the package