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Language String Editor


The language string editor allows you to modify text across your booking system including strings and buttons.

This can be used for all languages applied to your system.

How to enable Multiple Languages

The 2 following config items need adding for the languages you require. 



translatable_locales de_DE,en_GB
AvailableLocales de_DE,en_GB

Available languages include: English UK, English US, Welsh, German

Please contact support to enable these on your system.

How to modify strings

  1. Firstly find the text you wish to edit on your site and copy a small portion of it.

  2. Go to Admin>Data Settings and select Language Editor from the drop down. 
  3. In the search select a language of your site (most likely English) and paste the text you copied earlier into the value field and click search.

  4. Click the field that is equal to the string you wish to edit. 

  5. Set the value to be what you want the string to be and click save.