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Creating Activity Pages & Displaying Activities


In this section, learn how to:


  1. Create Activity Pages within your CMS.
  2. Link those Activity Pages to their activities.
  3. Create Category pages to display your activities.
  4. Display your Activities in alphabetical order.
  5. For more info on creating repeatable resource booking activities (for pitches or halls) see here.

 How to Create Activity Pages

  1. After you have completed Phase 1 of the Project Setup (Data Setup) and your activities have been created - 
  2. Choose where you want this page to be created e.g. Click on your site config (company name) next to the image of the globe in your site tree if you want it to be a main page.
  3. Click CREATE, select the TABBED PAGE, click GO.

  1. Give your main activity page a NAME and NAVIGATION LABEL (automatically same as name) e.g. "Powerboating".
  2. (Optional) Fill the page with Content/Images/Widgets of your choosing that you'd want people to see when they visit this page for Activity Information.
  3. Create the other main activity pages for the rest of your activities e.g. Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing, etc.
  4. (If any) Create sub-pages for all the Activities that you want to display on your website. For example: Powerboating as main activity page 
  5. Create all the courses within that activity as sub-pages e.g. "Powerboat Racing", "RYA Safety Boat Course", etc.
  6. Save & Publish



 How to Link Activity Pages to their Activities

It's important to link the activity pages to their activities to be able to display the activities to customers.

  2. Click on the sub-page of the activity page that you've created e.g. "Powerboating Racing".
  3. Underneath where the 'Content' box is displayed for that page, there should be a field box SELECT AN ITEM.
  4. Choose the Activity that should be linked to the page you're currently on e.g. Activity Page for "Powerboating Racing", should select "Powerboating Racing" Activity to view (these activities are the ones you created in Activities & Courses in the Data Setup phase - ADMIN > DATA > ACTIVITIES & COURSES).




  1. Do this for all the activity sub-pages.
  2. Save & Publish.

Note: Ignore selecting a Location to view.


 How to Create Category Pages to display your Activities:

Note: Creating Activity Pages, Linking Activity Pages and Displaying your Activities are interconnected and must all be completed for your activities to be displayed.

Check to make sure all your activity pages that you want to display on your site are correctly linked to their activities.
In this example [see image below] - I've got several categories e.g. Water Activity, Land Activity etc, within which are several activities e.g. Water Activity > Powerboat Racing, RYA Safety Boat Course etc.

  1. Click on the page you want to display all the sub-page activities you've created. e.g. in this case - Powerboating.
  2. Click the CONTENT tab > TABS tab.
  3. Scroll through the widgets to get to LIST ACTIVITIES IN CATEGORIES ACTIVITIES (or List Item Widget)- Add this.

[Note: This widget will display the activities in that category on the page you've selected to add the widget.]

  1. Choose which category of activities you want to display: 
    From the example used above - the Powerboating Activities are within the category "Water Activity", so I choose that category.
  2. Save & Publish.

    [Note: the LIST ACTIVITIES IN CATEGORY ACTIVITIES widget (or List Item Widget) only shows the Powerboating sub-pages that are in the Category "Water Activity"].


    Note: you can view how your activities would be displayed to the public by clicking on "Published Site" in the VIEW BAR (in dark grey at the bottom left of your CMS's screen).





    Displaying your activities in alphabetical order

    To display your activities in alphabetical order using the LIST ACTIVITES WIDGET(or List Item Widget) you need to ensure that the child activity pages you created are in alphabetical order in your CMS.


    To do this:

    1. Go to CONTENT > PAGES > Select the parent page that holds & displays your activities with a LIST ACTIVITIES WIDGET(or List Item Widget).
    2. Look at the child pages to that main category page and if they're not in alphabetical order...
    3. Click ALLOW DRAG & DROP REORDERING checkbox underneath the PAGE TREE (create a page button).
    4. Move the pages around so they are in alphabetical order.
    5. Un-click ALLOW DRAG & DROP REORDERING checkbox.
    6. SAVE & PUBLISH.