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For the purposes of the user help guide, an activity represents activities, courses, events, holidays etc.

Note: If you'd like to display more than one price on an activity e.g. Children/Adults, then please see our page on ACTIVITY PRICE CATEGORY.


How to create an activity

  1. Go to the ADMIN > DATA module
  2. Click on ACTIVITIES
  3. Click the CREATE ACTIVITY button.
  4. Complete the required and desired information using the reference guide below.
  5. Click the ADD button on the bottom right.

Reference Guide

Please see below:




Code This is used as the reference that is passed into the payment gateway. Not completing this will result in UNKNOWN being displayed. Mandatory
Activity Tabs N.A Optional
Allow Repeat Bookings Enables the 'Repeat booking for [x] weeks' selector so customers can book the same time slot on a number of consecutive weeks (providing that slot is available on all the weeks selected - they will be informed which were unavailable if not) Optional
Allow Select Multiple Schedules Allows the user to click and add multiple schedule to their basket Optional
Availability Live status of the activity. Note: this does not effect whether the activity is shown on the website or not. Optional
Brief Description Used as the description of the activity during the booking process. Note: brief description shown on the website can be found under PAGES > ACTIVITY PAGE Mandatory
Category Assigns the activity into a category. Note: An activity product MUST belong to a category to be displayed on the website. Optional
Custom Email Text The text entered here will display in the customer's booking confirmation email if this activity is booked. Optional
Customer Details Page The various checkboxes will request more information on stage 3 of making a booking. Optional
Display Order Number Allows you to order the activites on your webpage.  Optional
Is Allow Tax Select this if you want the tax percentage to be applied to the activity price.  
Duration Days Duration of activity Optional
Duration Minutes Duration of activity Optional
Enquire Only This will not allow the activity to be booked. Instead the customer will be redirected to an enquiry form. Optional
Experiences N.A Optional
Extras Select which extras can be bought when booking this activity. Optional
Featured  This will display the activity on the homepage. Optional
Gallery Tab Displays a photo gallery for this activity on the website Optional
Images Tab Various images displayed on the website. Note: images can only be uploaded after the activity has been added. Optional
Invoice Price Override N.A Optional
Maximum Age This will change the DOB Year field for participants booking onto this activity Optional
Minimum Age This will change the DOB Year field for participants booking onto this activity Optional
Name The name will be used within the admin system and website. Mandatory
Notify Email A copy of the booking confirmation will be sent to this email address if this activity is booked. Optional
Open/Close of Sale These affect when the schedules for this activity are visible by - click here to learn more Optional
Participants This is the number of participants that will be booked per slot   Mandatory
Prerequisites These appear as checkboxes on stage 3 of the booking process. The customer must agree to your prerequisite to continue with their booking. Optional
Booking Page View These indicate how your activity schedules will appear on the Booking page Click here
Previous Price The price entered here will display as a strikethrough on the website. Optional
Price The price the customer will pay. Mandatory
Repeat Booking Week Option The maximum number of weeks the booking can be repeated for Optional
Required Credits The number of credits required to make a booking. note: even when using required credits a non-zero price is required. Optional
Requires Login This activity requires the user to login with a previously created account before they can reach the billing page. Optional
Schedule Tab A shortcut to setup schedules / availability for this activity Optional
Slots Used The number of slots to be deducted from the number of available slots in the schedules for this activity. Note: Slots are the number of spaces you want that activity to offer. Mandatory
Staff Attribute Set N.A Optional
Status Setting this it INACTIVE will remove the activity from the website Mandatory
SubTitle The sub title displays on the website below the name of the activity. Optional
Activity Attributes Tab A method of using attributes (eg. tags) on activities to allow users to filter results Optional
Type An Activity will display availability in a calendar and a course displays a list. Mandatory
Uploads Tab N.A Optional
  For thumbnail images: ensure the size is 110px by 110px.  



What to do next?

If you want your activity to display as a webpage, create an activity page in the CMS (PAGES). Read More


You can also use an activity to represent the booking of a Resource attached to a Location (e.g. hiring a space in which to hold their own meetings or activities)

  1. First create your Location and Resources 
  2. Then create an Activity category for Resource bookings (e.g. Room Hire)
  3. Create a new Activity (e.g. Location A Room 1 Hire)
  4. We recommend you select: 'Allow Resources To Be Selected On Booking Page'. This allows the user to choose from all bookable Resources at the Location this activity takes place at.
  5. 'Booking Page Seven Day Calendar' and 'Allow Select Multiple Schedules' will display the bookable time slots in the most apropriate way.
  6. If you want your customers to be able to make this a regular booking that occurs at the same time weekly, use the new 'Allow Repeat Bookings' and 'Repeat Booking Week Options' (see table above for more info. )
  7. When setting up a Schedule or Schedule Group for this activity remember to only allow 1 Slot if you don't want multiple customers booking the Resource at the same time.

Want to embed the activity in your website using an iFrame? Click here