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How to Use Template

How to Use Template Names


In this section, learn how to display the Participant Names that you creating in ADMIN > DATA > PARTICIPANT TEMPLATES.

For example: If you have a particular activity/course that requires both a Parent and a Child, and you don't want the template to say: Participant 1, Participant 2 - and want it to display the 'Display Name' you created.

  1. ADMIN > DATA > PARTICIPANT TEMPLATE - Make sure you have given your Participant Templates an accurate 'Display Name' e.g. "Parent", "Child"
  2. ADMIN > CONFIG > COMPANY INFO > COMPANY INFO CONFIG ITEMS - Add this config into Name: UseParticipantTemplateDisplayNameOnBillingPage
  3. For this config item - Enter Value as: Y.
  4. Click SAVE.


Step 1: Make sure you have the correct display name as you want to show.


Step 2: Add Config item into COMPANY INFO CONFIG ITEMS


Here is how the Billing Page Participant Templates would look like now the config has been entered: