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Managing Locations


The following information related to managing locations. The same applies to managing countries, which is found under CONFIG > COUNTRIES.

How to create a new location.

  1. Go to the ADMIN > CONFIG module.
  2. Select LOCATIONS from the menu on the left of the screen and click the CREATE LOCATIONS button.
  3. Enter the mandatory information (name and country) and click the ADD button.

Note: Make sure to ADD the relevant activities, categories and extra's to their respective locations, otherwise those activities won't appear on the booking pages.

You can optionally attach a PDF for a location. When a user books this location, the PDF is attached to the email.

If your location includes a google map, you need to enter the co-ordinates. For help with co-ordinates, click here. Then you have MAP CONTENT which will display brief information when the user clicks on the pin within the google map.

Please be sure to select a Country for your location as it is mandatory.

And - site postcode if applicable, will be used for displaying the weather on your location page. If the location is international please enter eg 'Costa Daurada, Spain'.

Don't enter 'SiteEmail' as someone as a contact at the site- this person will be emailed with a copy of the confirmation email each time someone makes a booking on this site.


What to do next?

You should check that you have the correct activities and extras assigned to your location.

Please note: An activity must be assigned to at least one location otherwise it will not display on the website.

How to insert longitude and latitude co-ordinates

  1. Go to http://universimmedia.pagesperso-orange.fr/geo/loc.htm
  2. Use the search box to first find the area 
  3. Drag the marker to the exact position you want
  4. Copy and paste the longitude and latitude into the location details in the CMS, under Admin> Config > Location.

Note: you must insert your Google API Key in Admin > Config > Company Info > Company Info Config Items for the Google Map to work.
For instructions on where to get your API Key or where you need to put it within the system - click here.

 How to show all the locations for a selected activity

  1. Create Location(s)
  2. Create an Activity and Schedules at the Location(s)
  3. Make sure UseLocationSelectOnBookNow config is Y in Company Info