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Gift Agencies


Gift Agents are used if you sell activities through third party agents. There are 2 types - those that provide voucher codes and those that do not.

Your own company should also be setup as a gift agent. To do this, please contact http://support.bookinglive.co.uk/desk/

In this Section

  • Learn how to setup an your company as a Gift Agent
  • Learn how to setup a new Gift Agent.
  • Learn how to validate Vouchers that provide both Voucher Codes (GroupOn, Living Social), as well as Agents that do not provide Voucher Codes.
  • Learn how to import Voucher Codes from spreadsheets (must be saved as CSV File - comma delimited).
  • Learn what options you can do once you've created setup your agents and imported your vouchers.

How to setup your company as a gift agent

How to setup an external gift agent / daily deal site