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Setting up Feedback

Note: For customers to be able to answer your feedback questions, you need to create an email message for Purchaser Feedback.

How to Setup the Feedback Questions

  1. Go to the CONFIG module
  2. Select FEEDBACK and then click the CREATE FEEDBACK button.
  3. Enter in a name, the page content and click the ADD button at the bottom right of the screen. Note that the page content is the content that appears on the page that has the feedback form on it. 
  4. Two new tabs will appear towards the top of the page, “Purchaser Feedback Metric” and “Purchaser Feedback Overall Option”.

Purchaser Feedback Metric (Questions)

The “Purchaser Feedback Metric” is the tab where multiple questions that will appear on the questionnaire can be added by clicking the “Add Purchaser Feedback Metric” button and filling in the “Name” with the question you want to appear on the questionnaire page.

Purchaser Feedback Overall Options (Answers)

The “Purchaser Feedback Overall Option” is the tab where an overall question can be added such as “How would you rate your experience overall?” to the questionnaire.

See the image below for an example of how your feedback questions and answers would look on the published site for a customer: