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The Purchaser Feedback Message Type (Email Messages) automatically sends an email to your customers automatically, allowing them to answer several questions which are then stored within BookingLive. This feedback system works by sending an email to the purchaser with a link to a page on your site. This page contains a form when the customers can rate their experience. Note that you do not need to create this page in the Content>Pages are of the CMS, it is automatically created when you create a feedback item in Admin>Config>Feedback. 

Please note, you can only get feedback by:

  1. Setting up questions in Feedback.
  2. Setting up a Purchaser Feedback Email with the {$FeedbackLink} merge tag added to the email message.
  3. BookingLive must have setup the CRON job for feedback (if not, please contact support so an email is sent to the customer when the activity date has passed.)
  4. You also need to tick the "check in" box on the booking item, you can do this in 2 ways:
    Booking>Select your booking>BookingItems Tab, then click the "Check in Box"
    Admin>Data>Schedule select the schedule and click the "Bookings" tab and click the "Checked In" box
    This will tell the system that the customer has taken part in this activity, this is to stop purchaser feedback being sent to customers who fail to turn up to their activity. Please ask you project manager to switch these on if the check in boxes do not appear. 
    Note: you can auto check-in customers.
  5. Feedback is only displayed online when you approve feedback and setup the correct widget.