World Pay Payment Gateway Setup


BookingLive integrated with World Pay to take online payment, note that refunds are not yet supported thorugh BookingLive when integrated with WorldPay. 

Confused which Worldpay plan to choose?

Firstly if you're unsure, contact Worldpay.

Secondly, we can only advise as ultimately it is your choice. You can choose to get a merchant account with your current bank - in which case you'll only need the "Business Gateway", or if you want to get the whole package with Worldpay (inc. merchant account) - then you can select the "Business Gateway PLUS" option. They can be compared here:

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Setting Up

To setup this integrations please follow these steps: 

  1. Once you have set up your account with WorldPay you will recieve a test account. (set up your account by calling 0870 366 1290 to speak to WorldPay)
  2. Login to your WorldPay account using the username and password they issue you. 
  3. Click on the "Installations" link on the side bar on the left:

  4. Then select the test account.
  5. In the "Payment Responce URL" enter: 
    Lite Customers: please note that your url remains the same for both test and live.
  6. Then make sure the other settings are set as seen below:

    Where is the email you want notified when a failed transaction happens. 

Then once this is done you need to login to you BookingLive system and go to ADMIN > CONFIG SETTINGS > COMPANY INFO and click the "Company Info Payment Settings" [tab], then:

  1. Click "Add Company Info Payment Setting".
  2. Select world pay from the Type drop down field and give it a name and display name and click add.
  3. Once it adds click close on the popup window and click the edit button (the little notepad icon) on the row the row you can see. 
  4. In the pop up window enter in your WorldPay "Installation ID" into the "WorldPay Installation ID" field and set the "Live Test" dropdown to Test. It should look something like this:
  5. The 'App ID' field in BookingLive is your 'Merchant Account ID'

  6. Then click SAVE.
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 again but this time on step 4 also check the "MOTO" box to enable you to take payment over the phone (as an Admin). 


What's Next?

Once this is done make some test payments on your bookinglive website to check it is set up correctly.

To do this, you need to use Worldpay Test Cards found here.  


Going Live

Before you can go-live with Worldpay; you'll need to have completed Worldpay's compliance requests found here. If you are having any trouble completing or understanding all the requests, then please contact your dedicated Account Manager for assistance.


  • Once the above mandatory rules have been completed, go to:
    ADMIN > CONFIG SETTINGS > COMPANY INFO and click on the Test Payment Settings you had previously set. 
    Note: do not change your Installation ID number - it remains the same.

  • Now click to open each setting and change the TEST dropdown option to be LIVE.
    In doing this, you would have completed all the steps that are required in BookingLive.


Post Go-Live

This must be completed post go-live (e.g. your website url has changed from <companyname[number]> to <>.

You need to go back into your MMS Worldpay account and replace the test "Payment Response URL" to be the live website url e.g.


Then you're all done.