BookingLive integrates with Mailchimp to subscribe your customers to your mailing list automatically via making a booking or sending an enquiry.

The following configuration variables will need to be added to your booking system under Config Items.


SubscribePurchasersMailChimpListID xxx
SubscribePurchasersToMailChimp Y

Add your MailChimp API Key

  1. Login to
  2. Go to ACCOUNT > API Keys & Authorized Apps (see below)
  3. Click ADD A KEY button
  4. Copy and paste the API Key into the 'MailchimpAPIKey' variable in bookinglive


Add your MailChimp List ID

  1. In mailchimp, go to LISTS > SETTINGS > LIST SETTINGS & UNIQUE ID
  2. Copy the UNIQUE ID into 'SubscribePurchasersMailChimpListID' within bookinglive.
  3. Add the variable 'SubscribePurchasersToMailChimp' with value 'Y' in bookinglive.
  4. Important: Please ensure the list field and merge tags are FNAME and LNAME as shown below.