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Configuration Items


There are a number of advanced settings and third party applications that you can integrate with as shown below. 

How to create config items

  2. Click the ADD COMPANY INFO CONFIG ITEM link as shown below
  3. you can then add the Name of the config item e.g. ContinueShoppingDestination and the value, the name of the config item must be spelt exactly as it is described in this manual, also the case of each letter must match, e.g. continueshoppingdestination will not work as the "c" of continue "s" of shopping, and "d" of destination need to be upper case. 


Reference Table



AllowCheque This adds Cheque as a form of payment for the Booking Admin only. Click Here
AutoCheckIn Auto check-in allows all your bookings to be checked in automatically ensuring your feedback emails are always sent.  
Autofill Billing Switch on auto fill billing to save time when testing your booking process Click Here
Booking Reference Prefix

You set the Booking Reference Prefix will be. Eg ABC-123456 Click Here
Booking Summary Description You can define the format that the booking item is displayed in the booking summary Click Here
BookingsCompleteWithoutPayment Set to Y. This allows you to take bookings without taking payment.  
Continue Shopping Button This variable sets the url the user will be taken to when they click the "continue Shopping" button on the basket page, Note: it must be set for it to appear. Click Here
Continue Shopping Destination Adds a ContinueShopping Button on the Basket Page Click Here
Deposit Precentage Setting this will allow booking to be taken with only a deposit amount being paid for, a good option for expensive activities. Click Here
Deposit Reminder Number of days before activity date, when email is sent to customer to remind them to complete outstanding amount. Click Here
Email Addresses

The following 2 settings allow you to determine what email address your customers receive their emails from Click Here
Google Calendar Display bookings on your google calendar. Filter by location, staff, activity and more.  
Highrise CRM Push your bookings and contact form enquiries straight into your CRM. Click Here
Interspire Emarketing Push your bookings and contact form enquiries straight into your Emarketing software. Click Here
List Item Format You can define what information is shown by the list item widget Click Here
Mailchimp Push your bookings and contact form enquiries straight into your Emarketing software. Click Here
Postcode Lookups Complete the full address of your customer from a quick address post code lookup Click Here
Salesforce CRM Automatically create new contacts (or update existing ones) in Salesforce when a booking is completed Click Here
Schedule Format You can define what information is shown on the booking page schedules (stage 1 of booking) Click Here
Sendgrid Integration Signup for an account with Sendgrid to monitor if your confirmation email messages are being received. Click Here
ShowBillingPageLoginHere This adds a "Login Here" link onto the Billing Page for Members to be able to login to their Account and prefill their personal details automatically. Click Here
ShowParticipantFieldsInSummary Displays the participant information in the booking summary. Click Here
SMS Gateway Send customers SMS text messages for various situations. Click Here
TimeDDTimeInterval This sets the increment that your time drop downs use. Eg '15' will show times every 15 minutes. '30' will show times every half hour.  
TimeDDStartTime This is the first time that sppears in the time drop down. eg '00:15'. By default it is 09:00  
TimeDDEndTime This is the last time that sppears in the time drop down. eg '24:00'. By default it is 18:00  
UseParticipantTemplateDisplayNameOnBillingPage Displays the names of your Participant Template on the Billing Page, instead of it saying "Participant 1". Click Here
UseFreeAtomicMemberSignUp This changes the signup of members via the Membership Registration Page to be automatic (without approval)  
UseLocationSelectOnBookNow This allows you to choose a location after clicking the Book Now Button on the activity Click Here
UsingCredits This adds a "credit value" to your activity's so that they can be purchased with the payment type of credits. Click Here
VenueCalendarTimeSlotsPerHour This allows you to set the amount of rows (times) on the venue calendar. Possible values 1,2,4 that represent 60mins, 30min, 15mins  
VoucherImage Enter the File Store URL of your uploaded image for the Voucher PDF to be updated to use this. Click Here
Voucher Alignment Once you have uploaded and linked your voucher image you will have to set the alignment to the correct values. Click Here