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Special Date Period

Note: If SPECIAL DATE PERIOD and SEASON overlap then SPECIAL DATE PERIOD is the priority special rate.

How to add special date periods and rates

  1. Click on ACCOMMODATION in the upper bar
  2. Click on SPECIAL DATE PERIOD in the contents pane
  3. Click on the CREATE SPECIAL DATE PERIOD button.
  4. Enter a name/dates for the Period e.g. "Summer Holidays" - June 1st - September 1st.
  5. Click ADD.

Now you can add all the information about the special date period including the:

  • START/FINISH dates and 
  • SPECIAL DATE PERIOD RATE - to give a different rate for a different number of nights e.g. 1 day = £112; 2 days = £200.

How the rates work

To work out the price of a stay, you first look at how many nights the guests are staying. Then you look at which season or special date period each night is in. Now you add each night together using the rate under the total number of nights they’re staying and the correct season.

For example, if a family is staying five nights. The first two nights are in season one, the second two nights are in a special date period and the last night is in season two (which is different to season one). If the cost of five nights in season one is £30 a night, the cost of five nights in the special date period is £50 a night and the cost of five nights in season two is £40 a night.

The total cost is:

£30 + £30 + £50 + £50 + £40 = £200.