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Create a Dwelling


Here you will learn how to create your properties, rooms and beds.

How to create a property / dwelling

  2. Click the CREATE DWELLING CATEGORY button
  3. Complete the information and repeat this step for each category required
  5. Click on the CREATE DWELLING button
  6. Complete the information required and click the ADD button.
  7. You will then have the ability to add images which will appear in the associate photo gallery on the website.

What is an attribute?

An attribute is a feature that a dwelling has. For example: WiFi, 2 beds, breakfast, DVD player etc.

How to add an attribute

  1. Click on ACCOMMODATION in the upper bar
  2. Click on Dwelling Attribute in the contents pane
  3. Click on the Create Dwelling Attribute button.

How to create a room

  1. Go to ACCOMMODATION module
  2. Go to ROOM.
  3. Click on the CREATE ROOM button
  4. Complete the information required and click the ADD button.

Next, create a web page for the new properties

  1. Go to the PAGES module
  2. Click the CREATE button and select the page type DWELLING SUB GROUP PAGE.
  3. This is a holder page for all your properties.
  4. Select which properties will be shown on this page and click SAVE AND PUBLISH button.
  5. Add the ACCOMMODATION SEARCH WIDGET to your web pages.
  6. Create seasons and rates.
  7. View your accommodation reports.



Reference Guide




This is the building in which the rooms are within e.g. Hotel A, Hotel B.

Dwelling Category

This is the type of the rooms e.g. Single / Double / Twin / Suite

Dwelling Attribute

These are the extras that a Dwelling Offers e.g. Wi-fi, Air Conditioning, Satellite TV, Minibar, etc.

Dwelling Location

If you have more than one location - these are the Locations that the Dwelling is available at.


These are the rooms within a specific dwelling, here you can enter the number of beds, room rate, and the boarding that each room offers.

Special Date Period

This is used to highlight special prices within a specific period e.g. bank holiday, half term (this overides Season).


This is for the High-Level change to rates e.g. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Rate Category

This groups the rates together for example: Room Only Rates, Breakfast Included Rates, etc.