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Why First Intuition Chose BookingLive’s Online Booking and Scheduling System

January 30, 2020

Welcome to the report on why First Intuition chose BookingLive to provide its online booking, online scheduling and appointment scheduling system. This report will cover the key information in the decision-making process, the project requirements and solution, and we will hear from First Intuition themselves.

First Intuition Testimonial

BookingLive have served First Intuition with an industry-leading scheduling tool for over 2 years and worked closely with a number of team members at First Intuition to ensure a smooth and successful project. An overview of the success of this scheduling software project and perspectives on the solution implementation are provided below.

“BookingLive have helped completely revolutionise the way we take exam bookings. The online system allows our students to book, amend and cancel their exams 24/7 on any device, saving us precious admin time and resource. Our students are happy that they can book their exams at a time that is convenient to them, without needing to contact someone in-office hours. Overall, we are extremely pleased we decided to jump on board with BookingLive!”

First Intuition Project Detail

Project Overview

Booking Live (BL) Booking Software Deployment

First Intuition is an award-winning training provider which delivers a range of classroom, appointment booking and online accounting exams to small businesses and large businesses through a network of study centres across the UK.

First Intuition was looking for a booking and online scheduling system that will allow their customers to self-manage their bookings with their own booking page and my account functionality and to accept payments online.

Project Requirements

  • First Intuition was looking for a booking system which will allow their customers to manage their own bookings and payments through an account. They were looking for ways to reduce the amount of admin booking services work needed in order to manage their bookings. It was a lengthy and long process for a customer to rearrange their exam date and appointments online – this was a huge inconvenience to them, and a large cost to First Intuition.They wanted to take online payments for their bookings, and allow customers to purchase 24/7 and on any device.

Project Solutions

  • After implementing an online booking system, they were able to improve the way they managed cancellations. Customers were able to go into their MyAccount and make any amendments themselves. This means they are able to instantly alter their exam date without having to wait for office hours or a response from staff members.

  • They were able to remove all manual administration from the process, saving them countless hours of work each week and overhead costs.
  • We were able to integrate their system with SagePay in real time, allowing them to take customer booking online payments and complete the reporting functionality needed.
  • The system now provides the users with a leading brand and mobile apps experience, whilst saving First Intuition time and money.

A truly multi-device platform designed for the highest quality customer experience. Allowing users and customer the convenience they expect.

Find Out More

Find out more about BookingLive and its partnership with organisations going through digital transformation, and how BookingLive can bring its 10+ years of successfully servicing global enterprises to support you with your department’s digital goals, please contact us via email, or call +1 (0)117 933 8632 to speak with one of our public sector solutions specialists.

To see a live demonstration of this solution above and others click the link below.