EPOS Booking System Solutions


EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems are an integral part of eCommerce. They efficiently deal with various aspects of business from sales calculations to keeping track of customer information. Known for their customisability they are great for all business types, as long as you have the right software.

Do I Need EPOS?

You don't need an EPOS system to have a BookingLive system, but if you're looking to enhance your business then getting EPOS is a good idea. EPOS helps simplify and speed up tasks such as pricing, tracking and reporting of bookings. It also enables you to assign staff members to specific schedules and record staff activity. This increases efficiency and allows you to implement any necessary changes. You can even use EPOS for marketing and promotional purposes to boost customer loyalty and sales.

We understand selecting an EPOS provider is a process which requires a lot of consideration. That's why we we've put together a short list of key features to look out for.

EPOS Features

    • High booking & operating speed

    • Excellent usability

    • Reliable and trustworthy

    • Easy member check-in process

To determine whether or not EPOS providers have these features we suggest speaking with a few members of the EPOS team. If you're not particularly tech savvy we recommend asking your web developers and/or IT team to speak with them. We also think it's a good idea to speak with their existing customers. This will give you a clear view of what it's like to be their customer so you can learn how reliable the EPOS providers actually are.

Other Important Considerations

It's important to do your research before you decide on an EPOS provider. Find out if their company has grown in the past 10 years and what level of support they offer. It's also worth checking how often updates are run. These may not seem like important factors now but you'll regret it if you don't check before deciding.

BookingLive EPOS Booking System

The BookingLive EPOS system is both simple to use and flexible. It is sophisticated enough to meet the requirements of the most demanding business all in one system.

Star Micronics, one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, have designed a portfolio of thermal and impact point-of-sale printers for use in a wide variety of applications. Star has not only developed printers which offer high performance and reliability, but introduced a number of unique profit-making features for the user without extra cost or extensive IT knowledge required.

Together BookingLive software and Star hardware can give your business:

tick In-house and online bookings

tick Secure integration

tick Regular software updates

tick Suitable for any desktop PC

tick Latest ECO friendly hardware

tick Provide customer convenience through secure payments

tick Sell merchandise and take bookings in one easy to use system

tick Manage customers, products and employees

tick Extensive reporting & financial management


EPOS Booking System Hardware

15" Touch Screen

• Posiflex TM-8115 touch screen with a USB interface

• 15 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen


• Resolution up to 1024 x 768

• Tilt angle adjustment from 18 to 75 degrees

• 2 USB port support

• 3 year return to base warranty

PC POS Cash Drawer

• Star CB-2002FN POS Cash Drawer

• Large reliable cash drawer with 5 note and 8 coin slots


• Designed to link with Star's POS printers

• Available in White or Charcoal Grey

• 3 Position Key Lock with Drawer Release

• Includes a Compulsion Switch

• Optional lockable cover

Thermal Printer

• High quality TSP100ECO printer, 150mm per second

• Reduce paper consumption by 70% or more

• Fast, efficient POS service


• Unique range of ECO tools and features

• Simple "Drop-In & Print" paper loading

• All set-up accessories are included

• Fully Energy Star Compliant with Unique ECO Tools

• Four year warranty for total peace of mind

Barcode Scanner

• Honeywell 9540 VoyagerCG Codegate scanner

• Automatic infrared activation and decode all standard 1D bar codes

• Completes data transmission with a single button push


• Auto-trigger with CodeGate

• Both hand-held and fixed projection

• PowerLink, user-replaceable cables

• Adjustable Stand

• Short-range and long-range activation

• Flash ROM with Meteor upgrade utility

 Mag Card Scanner


• Magnetic Stripe Card reader for side mounting

• Suitable for Posiflex TM-8115 touchscreen

• USB interface

• Charcoal grey

Card Printer

• Zebra Series 3 Z31 Card Printer

• UK power cords, USB cable & Windows drivers.


• Smart card and magnetic stripe encoding

• New high-performance ribbons designed for high-speed, high-quality image printing

• Intuitive design for ease of use
• Optional enclosure lock for financial card printing

• Single-sided direct-to-card printing

Blank Cards


• 500 Zebra Premier Blank White Cards

• PVC card

• 30 mil

Pricing is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: only BookingLive's EPOS booking system software is compatible with BookingLive systems.