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Enterprise Software: Edge & Production Versions

December 19, 2019

We at BookingLive pride ourselves on the stability and performance of our products. Our Enterprise and Connect products are delivered using the AWS cloud, and our internal tools are no different. Behind every great product is a fantastic testing and release function.

BookingLive has traditionally been set up on many different versions, with a main version that has lots of iterations that are used by various different clients. This may mean that clients have their own version which is almost exclusive to their organisation. This can prove quite tricky when it comes to upgrading, as it means we are unable to upgrade everyone at the same time.

Now, however, there are only two versions of BookingLive – Production and Edge. Production is the most stable and fully-tested version, whereas Edge has the latest new features as soon as they are released as it gets an update with each ‘sprint’. This is how the majority of software companies work. If you think of it in terms of Apple, iOS is upgraded to a new version every September, however, by following a few steps you can upgrade your phone a few months before this date to a ‘beta’ version. This means that you have access to all of the newest features early, however, the version may not be as stable or supported.

For BookingLive and you, our clients, it means that everyone is upgraded at the same time, so we can spend more time on improving the product and introducing new features, rather than upgrading individual clients to various different versions.

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