BookingLive's Day at The Bett Show: Technology in Education


Yesterday a couple of the BookingLive team, myself included, travelled to London to check out the world's largest technology in education event: The Bett Show. We went on a quest to gain new information and knowledge about the educational sector and to find out if our online booking systems are able to help institutions out. The day consisted of networking, seminars and the all important freebies! Read on to find out what we learned...




Throughout the day we met a range of companies from small start-ups to large corporations who were all there for the same reason: to power education through technology. One of the companies we met specialise in the provision of barcode readers. This is similar to the work our EPOS systems do in that they help simplify and speed up tasks such as; memberships, pricing, tracking and reporting of bookings. We're currently looking in to integrating our online booking systems with a wider variety of barcode readers - so our clients are able to easily check-in customers who have booked on to events, classes and more. There are a range of barcode readers available, from those which plug-in to computers so customers can scan themselves in, to those which work via Bluetooth enabling staff members to use them out and about for events. Watch this space for more information or contact us today to find out about our EPOS integration.


The Future of Technology in Education

Included in our trip were seminars and talks, one of which was of particular interest to us and aptly named The Future of Technology in Education. Here we learned that the process of developing education should be viewed a transformation, which involves factors such as effective data use. This included ensuring systems are secure and accessible, services which we pride ourselves on offering.




Attending the Bett Show provided us with a very insightful view into the use of technology within education. We feel confident there will be an ongoing place for online booking systems in this sector. From meeting rooms to events and summer schemes there are a whole host of bookings that online systems such as BookingLive can help with. In fact we currently work with a couple of schools, such as The Royal Drawing School. To find out how we work with them keep an eye on our blog for our next Client Spotlight post! If you have any questions about how we can help your business or what else we got up to at the show then contact us today.