scuba duba dive Activity Booking System


Mungo from Scuba Duba Dive has been a BookingLive client for over a year now. His business specialises in diving training and holiday courses in various locations, from Malta to Thailand! Whether you're a beginner or advanced diver, Scuba Duba Dive prides itself on being "run by divers, for divers".

We've been looking to feature Mungo's business for a while, so we caught up last week to find out more about how he uses booking systems for diving courses...


How Did you Manage Bookings Before BookingLive?

"I had a custom-made booking system before. It was really expensive and not as powerful as BookingLive. Although my original booking system was made for my business, it wasn't nearly as customisable as BookingLive. Each time I wanted to update something I'd have to contact the system developer. This took up a lot of time and effort. Now I can make any changes I want.

I also like that BookingLive is driven by its clients as we all seem to want similar developments and changes, which can then be carried out on mass."


Why Did you Choose BookingLive?


"My Scuba Duba Dive website is on its third version now, so I've had a lot of experience with websites and booking systems. I did a lot of research before deciding to stick with BookingLive. Initially I started with the Lite package to trial and get used to the system. I liked it the most out of the other systems, particularly because of the website and CMS integration. I plan to continue using BookingLive and have upgraded my package so I have access to even more features."


How Has BookingLive Helped?

"BookingLive has helped speed up various admin tasks. For example, I'm now able to track payments for large groups who've booked on to a course all in one place. I'm also able to log in to my system via my mobile and tablet devices, it's definitely compatible.

The SEO part of BookingLive is brilliant. Scuba Duba Dive is now far higher up on Google searches and we're receiving much more website traffic."


What Do you Think of Our Support?


"Support is pretty solid. I've seen quite a few of your other clients mention they often find the support side of BookingLive too technical. Although I can see where they're coming from I feel it needs to be this technical, because it is a technical product and the issues are technical issues."


What Do you Really Think of BookingLive?

"BookingLive has loads of great features. I love the ease of adding new things and the fact it can be used to input bookings which are made over the phone, as well as online. It's more up-to-date than other systems out there and comes with great integrations such as WorldPay. This saved me a lot of time and meant I didn't have to change much when setting up the system.

As well as being extremely powerful I think the admin system looks good. Although this isn't important in terms of how the system runs, it's important to me to have a system which looks nice. It's very user friendly."

We're glad to have you on board Mungo! If you want to find out more about BookingLive why not book on to a free, webinar demo? These run weekly and show you how BookingLive works, as well as giving you the chance to get live responses to questions.