clifton_college - Activity Booking System


Working in the heart of the second largest technology hub in the UK has enabled us to gain a handful of Bristol-based clients. As with all our clients, we're extremely proud to have Clifton College as part of our online booking community. Andy from Clifton College tells us all about the company's online booking system for holiday clubs and how they came to find us here at BookingLive.

What Do you Do?

"We run holiday clubs throughout the school holidays. Focusing on three main age groups: 3-4, 5-7 and 8-13 year olds we offer a range of activities including swimming and outdoor play. Our holiday clubs include day courses, half day sessions and full weeks."



What Were you Looking for?

"Before BookingLive we had our very own, in-built booking system. Despite being developed specifically for us, our old system was created years ago so wasn't able to keep up with the demands of our Holiday Clubs. I researched online booking systems for holiday clubs and came across BookingLive. I took my findings back to the team and found out we'd actually contacted the company before during previous searches - they'd obviously stuck in our minds!

Along with reliability and robustness we needed a system which came with accessible support. BookingLive stood out due to their Online Helpdesk which provided as close to 24 hour support as we could find."


What Do you Think?


"So far our BookingLive experience has been pretty good! Our Account Manager Florina was excellent at getting us up and running and the Online Helpdesk is particularly helpful - the support team reply quickly to any raised issues.  BookingLive's reports are also really easy to use. When we had our previous system I had to email people requesting specific reports, but now I can simply log-in and export the desired report myself."


What Do your Customers Think?

"We haven't had loads of responses from our customers, but the general consensus is that this system is better than our previous one. Although parents are finding they're having to input their child's details each time they make a new booking this problem will be resolved via the online account feature. From here parents are able to log-in, view and manage their bookings which will save them loads of time."

Thanks Andy! We're looking forward to working with a business based in our very own Bristol and can't wait to continue growing our client base. If you're looking for an online booking system then contact us today! For more information about featuring in a Client Spotlight piece contact