BookingLive is a dedicated team of professionals who have come together to ensure that online booking systems for tour and activity operators in Australia and New Zealand are made simple, secure and tailored to meet specific needs of businesses. It also has the advantage of providing detailed and useful business reports, as well as marketing tools to ensure good business. It is trusted and being used by companies all over the world including Australia. Our booking system has more than 50 years of combined experience behind them and is one of the most trusted and reliable online booking systems to be found. It is with these credentials that BookingLive has been able to partner with other players to bring about market leading booking software.

The development of opening up a new market for online booking systems in Australia has been received well by the country's tourism sector. At the moment the company is coordinating with the relevant authorities, regulatory bodies and other players within the industry to ensure that clients get their businesses covered. The new website that is being developed by BookingLive is to be launched in April and will immensely facilitate mutual benefit of tourism in both New Zealand and Australia. It will come with many benefits to the different players of the industry who will be able to utilize the system.

Online Booking System Benefits

The first and most essential advantage of our online booking system is the fact that the website booking engine will be compatible with mobile devices including phones and tablets, making it easy to access. NZ Road Trips will also be promoted through a comprehensive online marketing strategy, with available tools in BookingLive to support this. These tools will ensure that it has a solid foundation on which to achieve it purposes. It will also provide 'book now links' from websites run by the NZ and Australian government bodies. This will be to guarantee that the booking information displayed and the availability calendar is up to date. Hence, there will be no need of updating different systems.

This new development will definitely revolutionize online booking in Australia and New Zealand. The cooperation between Australian bodies with BookingLive to develop the BookingLive platform will yield positive results. It is going to be the best platform for tour operators in Australia to use. As a matter of fact this a strategy is going to put Australian tour and activity centres on the global map and with the interconnectivity of the world, it is a reliable avenue that will definitely have a ripple effect on the Australian tourism industry. This new and advanced Australia booking software will revolutionize the self-catering industry within the country.

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