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Boost Online Bookings Through Social Media

January 12, 2021

At BookingLive, we know our clients engage with their customers through social media.

Engaging with your customers is becoming evermore important and for some businesses social media is at the heart of how they operate. Social media isn’t just about having conversations with your target audience, it’s also a hugely valuable tool for listening. Listening to your public can give you priceless insights into what perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, personalities, traits, likes and dislikes your potential customers have. Business profiles within your social media platforms now offer valuable insight to your online performance by using real-time data. Instagram for Business even offers monthly insights into what’s trending and provides free marketing plans!

You might find your business can target a new demographic of customer through social media interactions. For example, Gen Z spend 1 hour 20 minutes each day on social media, while The Baby Boomers registered 29 minutes on average. (Ofcom Online Nation 2020 Report.)

Your social media interactions should be:

  • Consumer driven
  • Transparent
  • Engaging
  • Inclusive
  • Sincere

BookingLive is always looking for ways to help its customers, and with a dynamic approach to social media, you can listen and engage to increase the reputation and perception of your business. Positive business reputation and perception will directly increase your bookings and customer satisfaction.

Our online reservation software can integrate with most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and review sites such as Tripadvisor allowing you to utilise your social media platforms online.


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