BookingLive Version 3: An Update & Preview


A Brief Snapshot

After 5 successful years BookingLive is undergoing its biggest upgrade to date and the most exciting part is that it's just around the corner. Here at BookingLive we've accumulated years of learning and client feedback to produce something really quite special: the next generation of online booking software, BookingLive Version 3. The following post gives a preview and update on our progress so far. 

Customer Profile

BookingLive has been aware for a while now of the need to create Customer Profiles to store profile photos, member IDs, previous bookings and enquiries all in one place. Our team have not only added this but have implemented a time machine feature to display points in your customers' past and future. This includes when bookings were made, when emails were sent, when bookings were edited, when information was updated and more!



Customer Account

In addition to the Customer Profile, there is an enhanced Customer Account module in BookingLive Version 3.


Content Management System

In BookingLive Version 3 you can expect to see the CMS our clients are currently using so as to cause as little disruption as possible. This CMS promotes accessible site design, semantic mark-up and HTML5 use. Redesigned to make content updates a breeze, the CMS allows you to build rich web content to support and display information on your products. It also includes fluid layouts, which means no more fixed templates, and live editing with multi-device preview.


Reporting Intelligence

Our booking system Version 3 enables business intelligence reporting at your fingertips as a key area of improvement within BookingLive has been data reporting. BookingLive clients are now able to determine the output of data within the data rich reports with the ability to export in a variety of formats complete with their own branding.


Single Sign-on

Single sign-on is a key user enhancement. It allows both you and your customers to sign in using an existing account such as Google or Facebook, enabling pre-population of data from their social profiles.


Booking View

The view of a single booking within the admin system will mostly remain the same in the booking system with some enhanced features.



As requested by many of our clients we're happy to announce that we're introducing a flexible, single-click dashboard to summarise key reports and data from your system.


Calendar View

Another key feature requested by clients is a visual calendar of bookings from which to add and edit bookings. We've also introduced a mobile responsive view to cater for day, week and months, alongside locations and products so as to meet the needs of all our clients.


On the whole, the booking process itself will remain the same. There will be subtle improvements in that the process will be fully responsive, as well as including enhancements of the billing page. In addition to this BookingLive Version 3 is leaning towards development of a one-page checkout process.

BookingLive Version 3

As you can see there are fantastic improvements on the cards for BookingLive Version 3 with a strong emphasis on mobile optimisation. With these developments, BookingLive is putting your company in the hot seat for managing your business and bookings.

Our inward investment in the latest version of online booking software will ensure the longevity of our exciting development roadmap. While we won't release our complete internal roadmap to the public we are continuing to develop BookingLive software at a rapid pace and hope you will support us during this exciting journey.

If you're an existing client please feel free to discuss your upgrade options with your account manager and/or sales executive to find out when this is feasible and any costs that may be applicable. If you're interested in signing up as a new client for BookingLive Version 3 please contact us today.