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BookingLive V3.5 Changelog

September 19, 2017

We are proud to announce that BookingLive 3.5 has been released. To upgrade please contact Customer Care at With BookingLive 3.5 we’ve focused on Stability. Previous recent versions have added a large number of diverse features and we’ve focused this release on stabilising these and the admin system as a whole to give you, and your customers, the best online booking experience possible. Below is a list of everything that has been added, changed and improved in BookingLive V3.5!

bookinglive V3.5

New Integrations

  • Integration with Capita SCP payment gateway

Features and improvements

  • Site Search – Allow your customers to search for your products.
  • Make-up event – Allow your customers to make changes to their Multi-Event booking if they cant make one of the events in the series. (optional)
  • Edit order within MyAccount – Customers can change the date of their booking and/or change the participant details (optional)
  • “Sort by” in reports – All the columns in the reports now offer “sort by” functionality.
  • 45-minute band duration on Template events added
  • Improved the notification settings section
  • Improved the UI of Promotions
  • Added “How did you hear about us” to the volume report
  • Changed Location Filter on the Start Booking screen to allow for Multiple/All Locations
  • Numerous improvements to the Mobile friendliness of the booking journey.
  • “Transaction Unique Reference” search filter on the Orders page.

Under the hood

  • Simple pricing Scheme support for Multi Events
  • Email, First Name, and Surname now mandatory on the Purchaser template
  • Multiple Resource selection options for Template Events
  • Event Report – New Field Option for Event Capacity
  • Fixed Events can now respect Resource Capacity when it is shared across multiple products
  • Public World Pay payments now require ‘World Pay Account ID’ to be passed through
  • Rewrite Availability calculations and associated visualizations

Issues Resolved

  • Booking Journey – Unable to book due to 103 error
  • Booking Journey – Custom Options field appearing blank on Billing page
  • Booking Journey – Participant suggestions lost despite not being first order
  • Booking Journey – Updated the Edubase “Schools” lookup to provide better user feedback
  • Booking Journey – Received two confirmation emails when making booking
  • Booking Journey – Product Voucher not deducting value from basket
  • Booking Journey – Able to create Room Booking event which is shorter than Minimum Duration
  • Booking Journey – Package discount is calculating the wrong price
  • Booking Journey – Resource Linked upsells able to overbook
  • Booking Journey – Admin Payment failing – Error: Billing Firestnames field is required
  • Booking Journey – Can complete Order with Purchaser email in Participant email, not using I’m Attending
  • Booking Journey – 7Day Multi Select calendar bug with Template Events
  • Booking Journey – 7Day calendar doesn’t format well on Mobile
  • Booking Journey – Restore Calendar view to MultiEvents
  • Booking Journey – iCal feed link not working
  • Booking Journey – CardSave, customer completes payment but doesn’t complete
  • Booking Journey – Confirmation screen doesn’t show Participant info
  • Booking Journey – Season View not displaying on Product Page if season starts in the past
  • Booking Journey – Logged in purchaser able to change their email address on Billing page
  • Booking Journey – Speed Optimizations for Multi Events
  • Booking Journey – If participant email has been used before, details are removed from completed order
  • Booking Journey – Free event for product with pricing
  • Booking Journey – Book Now buttons for products with no events
  • Booking Journey – Make Outlook booking view auto adjustable height
  • Booking Journey – Unable to book on iPad/iPhone (Safari)
  • Admin Calendar – Unable to create a Resource booking from Resource Calendar – Start Booking
  • Admin Calendar – Direct link to orders not working for orders that are not “completed”
  • Admin Calendar – Bookings taken on Calendar – includes pending orders
  • Admin Calendar – Participants aren’t showing correctly on the “Check In” screen
  • Admin Customers Section – Restrict access to “Documents”
  • Admin Customers Section – Create Customers > Post Code Lookup details not populating
  • Admin Customers Section – Export to CSV doesn’t always export correctly
  • My Account – PDF downloads giving error
  • My Account – MyAccount default view setting to “My Associates” by default
  • My Account – Password reset link; after entering of new password causing 500 error for previously booked customers
  • My Account – Mobile Friendliness of the MyAccount
  • My Account – MyAccount Organisations showing all Roles
  • My Account – Multiple issues using the Edit Participant function
  • Admin Products Section – Template & Room Booking product event issues
  • Admin Products Section – Unable to remove a Product from Product Group
  • Admin Products Section – Improvements to the Product pages
  • Admin Products Section – Voucher issues
  • Admin Events Section – Staff field prevents series event from being created
  • Admin Events Section – Calendar out of position on Multi Event create modal
  • Admin Events Section – Add code to drop downs in Events Actions drop-down
  • Admin Events Section – Admins not seeing events
  • Admin Orders Section – Purchaser and Participant details getting lost after Edit Event on an order
  • Admin Orders Section – Edit Participant or rebook Participant, Mobile details not transferred
  • Admin Orders Section -Issue with updating Email notification from Admin order screen
  • Admin Orders Section – Using “Add to Order” doesn;t work with zero cost items
  • Admin Orders Section – Purchaser Attending – Edit Participant – doesn’t show purchaser’s participant details
  • Admin Orders Section – Opted out of messages showing on all orders
  • Admin Orders Section – @ symbol on Orders screen doesn’t work correctly
  • Admin Orders Section – Move log into action dropdown in admin order screen
  • Admin Orders Section – Can’t edit Order Items on Waiting List order
  • Admin Orders Section – Participant Data doesn’t show in Orders Screen
  • Admin Orders Section – Waiting List order has £0 cost
  • Admin General – Changing Language in Admin doesn’t change all screens
  • Admin General – Permissions issue – Promotions and Users menus showing when not picked
  • Admin General – Change password – message appears when not supposed to
  • Admin Reports Section – Relating Member details are not populated in Attendees report
  • Admin Reports Section – Attendees report duplicating data and missing products
  • Admin Reports Section – ID’s for Custom fields are being displayed on the report
  • Admin Add-ons Section – “Main” options
  • Admin Page Editor – Parse error when trying to use Google Analytics plugin
  • Admin Resources Section – Improvements to Resources Screens
  • Admin Start Booking Section – All Locations filer doesn’t show any of the availability of the location
  • Admin Promotions Section – Redeemed Vouchers still showing Status: Issued
  • Other – JSON feed is not respecting date range properly

What else has been happening?

At BookingLive we are always making more improvements to our software. You are always welcome to check out our Enterprise Roadmap here.

You might also be interested in our forthcoming EPOS release in October, just email us for more information on .