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BookingLive obtains G-Cloud 11 Supplier Status

June 27, 2019

BookingLive are happy to announce our new status as an approved G-Cloud 11 supplier within the UK’s CCS G-Cloud Framework.

BookingLive has been an approved supplier within the UK Government’s G-Cloud Framework for many years and iterations of the Framework. We’re happy to announce our status has been updated and we are now a fully approved G-Cloud 11 2019 supplier.

This framework allows us to deliver a full suite of products and services to any public sector organisation or associated organisation seeking technology and software for digital projects. This, in turn, will help public sector organisations with their digital transformation and ultimately drive forward BookingLive’s goal of providing the best possible user experiences for citizens and organisations alike.

What is ‘G-Cloud 11’?

G-Cloud is an initiative set up by the UK government’s crown commercial services, targeted at simplifying the procurement process for public sector bodies and government departments seeking cloud-based services. G-Cloud frameworks are an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide these services. Public sector organisations are able to buy those services without having to run a full tender or competitive procurement process. In other words, buyers can directly award a contract for off-the-shelf cloud solutions, saving budget and time.

G-Cloud 11 is separated into three lots, or categories. These are cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support. Online Booking Systems, such as BookingLive, fall into the cloud software lot. Due to the nature of BookingLive’s software, we have been awarded places for numerous listings on the framework. These are:


How does G-Cloud 11 differ from previous G-Cloud iterations?

The G-Cloud 11 update has largely been incremental, with few major changes to the framework. The most significant improvements are:

  • There is an increased focus on anti-virus and anti-malware technology, due to G-Cloud 11 placing additional cyber-security requirements on suppliers
  • There are new corporate social responsibility clauses introduced for G-Cloud 11. These include standards and behaviours expected of suppliers who work with the government
  • The HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) has been added to the available list of networks

BookingLive and CCS G-Cloud 11

BookingLive already delivers online booking and reservations systems to a wide variety of both private and public sector organisations around the world to help them on their digital transformation journey. With the G-Cloud 11 framework approval we will continue to provide our services to public sector organisations here in the United Kingdom, helping them to improve efficiency, productivity, citizen and admin experiences and reduce costs.

Whilst BookingLive’s G-Cloud 11 application has already been approved, the framework doesn’t go live until early July 2019. Until that time, buyers will continue to use the G-Cloud 10 iteration.

If you would like to find out more about BookingLive and its partnership with G-Cloud 11, or how BookingLive can bring its 10+ years of servicing the public sector to support you with your departments digital transformation goals, please do contact us via email to speak with one of our public sector solutions specialists via the link below, or call 0117 933 8632.