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BookingLive is Now a Supplier on DOS 4

October 16, 2019

BookingLive has been awarded a place as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 (DOS 4) Framework.

Similarly to G-Cloud 11, the DOS 4 Framework is designed to help the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes. DOS is an agreement designed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Government Digital Service (GDS). DOS 4 provides buyers with easy access to suppliers with the right digital capabilities. It also provides another level of supplier due diligence and security for buyers, and it is a flexible and fast route to meet digital project needs. Suppliers on DOS 4 include small and medium enterprises (SMEs); this helps to meet the UK government’s SME agenda.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2018/19, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth £945m – supporting world-class public services that offer the best value for taxpayers.


What is the DOS 4 Framework?

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 is a framework agreement between the UK government and suppliers like BookingLive who provide various different digital services. Specifically, the framework governs the relationship between the Crown Commercial Service and the supplier. DOS 4 is split into 4 lots:

  • Lot 1: Digital Outcomes, for example, an online booking system, such as BookingLive, or an accessibility audit
  • Lot 2: Digital Specialists, such as a developer or user researcher
  • Lot 3: User Research Studios, a room in which to conduct research sessions for example
  • Lot 4: User Research Participants, such as people from a specific user group to test a service.

BookingLive is listed on the Digital Outcomes lot.

The Benefits of the DOS 4 Framework

The aim of the Digital Marketplace is to make the commissioning process simpler, clearer and faster. Buying and selling through the DOS 4 framework will:

  • reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with procurement
  • allow buyers and suppliers to talk to each other so they can decide whether there is a good fit
  • give more suppliers the opportunity to support digital transformation across the whole of the public sector.

The Digital Marketplace is transforming the way the public sector commissions digital and cloud services, by making it simpler, clearer and faster for them to buy what they need.

All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to find and buy cloud-based services, specialists who can work on digital projects and physical data centre space.

How to Buy Using DOS 4

To buy using the Framework, there are several steps that any organisation needs to undertake. The evaluation process then needs to be fair, open and transparent, with a clear, demonstrable audit trail. The buying process involves:

  • Preparing draft requirements
  • Getting approval to buy what is needed
  • Writing and publishing requirements on the Digital Marketplace. These requirements will be publicly available
  • Answering any supplier questions
  • Reviewing and scoring ‘essential’ and ‘nice-to-have’ skills and experience to create a shortlist
  • Giving feedback to suppliers who are not shortlisted
  • Inviting shortlisted suppliers to the assessment stage
  • Evaluating proposals and presentations to find the right supplier for your needs
  • Awarding a contract and giving feedback to unsuccessful suppliers
  • Publishing the contract on Contracts Finder.


BookingLive and Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4

Our specialists at BookingLive deliver online booking systems to numerous private and public sector organisations globally. We pride ourselves on helping these institutions on their digital transformation journey.

The DOS 4 Framework approval will allow us to improve the efficiency and productivity of our system implementation in public sector organisations in the United Kingdom. We can provide the public sector with enhanced citizen and administrative experiences whilst reducing costs.

To find out more about us at BookingLive and our DOS 4 partnership, contact us today. To speak with one of our public sector solutions specialists about how our 10+ years of experience can support your department’s digital transformation goals, call us on 0117 933 8632 or email us at