Please note: for security reasons, you cannot close your account via e-mail, phone or a support tickets. You MUST login and close the account manually.

The following article outlines the basic customer account available to customers on the lite plan.

Trial Accounts

Trial accounts allow new clients to trial and preview the booking system to ensure BookingLive is right for your business. After the trial period has ended you will automatically be charged a subscription fee for using the booking software. You will receive an e-mail for each subscription payment made. If you need to cancel your account before your trial is over, you must do so before the trial period has ended.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade your Lite system to an enterprise plan, please email us and give us information on the reasons for upgrading. Please include:

    • Your site name and URL

    • Which price plan you wish to upgrade to (Found here)

    • Name of your company

    • Why you want to upgrade


How to cancel

If your company has multiple logins, you must login with an account that has administrator rights. If you require an export of your data, it’s important to export your data before you close your account.

    1. Go to My Account and sign-in

    1. Click through to "View Account status"

    1. Click "Cancel Subscription" and Confirm


How to update your account details


    1. Log into My Account 

    1. Update your account details

    1. Click "Save" when you have finished editing.


How to update your payment details


    1. Once you have logged in goto "view account status "

    1. The click "Show Card Details & Update Billing Details"

    1. You can then change your card details on this secure pag


Refund Policy

Regardless of your billing period, there are no refunds or credits for the BookingLive service, downgrades, or unused days when your account is closed. It is your responsibility as defined by our terms of service, to keep your account and payment details up-to-date and end the service when it’s no longer required. No exceptions will be made. Please see our terms for more information.