BookingLive Community

BookingLive is proud to present our new community centre! You said we need a public area and we listened. Over the next few weeks we'll be populating our community pages with "how to's" and FAQs, as well as providing you with the platform to report and discuss enquiries, support, user help and more.

Single Sign On (SSO)

There's no need to worry about signing up for our community pages, just create a topic and simply sign in with one of your favourite providers. Soon you'll even have the ability to login directly from your CMS system so you can post support without having to leave the page.


You can log in with:





Bug Reports

Do you have an issue with your system? Simply post it on the community page shown below and we'll look into it for you. Be careful to keep any sensitive information away from here though and use the designated support system if you think there are any risks of data being shared.

By posting information on the community pages about bugs or permissions that keep changing on every upgrade we can put measures in place to prevent them.










Feature Requests

Seeing what other clients have requested on the community pages in terms of development could in turn help your business. Make sure to post new suggestions or comment on existing requests, if enough customers contribute ideas we'll take those as our priority to deliver these requests to you.

Ask a Question

For times when you're stuck and don't have time to contact us for an answer you can quickly and easily post a question to see if anyone else within the BookingLive community can offer help. Many businesses operate differently and a new perspective is often helpful when solving problems; after all two heads are better than one.



If something new and exciting is happening, from upcoming development to sneak peeks of what's in the process of being launched, we'll post it on the community pages so you don't miss out.

Updated Feedback

Have we done something you're really happy with? Here at BookingLive we value any feedback we receive from our customers, positive or negative, so we can continue to provide you with excellent service.

Anyone is welcome to post, just head over to to get involved in the BookingLive community today!