BookingLive, the powerful booking system developed by Mango Studio, is aimed to revolutionise outdoor activity centres management in the UK since its releasing 4 months ago.The new software, which has been developed over the course of two years, is a web-based booking system that lets set up, activities, courses and events in just minutes as well as manage bookings, enquiries and scheduling remotely and securely all the time.

Since the launching of BookingLive, in November last year, 15 companies specialised in Outdoor Adventure Centres and Activity Sports Centres, such as Get-Wet Adventures and Chepstow Outdoor Activity Centre, have given a step forward in their business development by signing up.

Our new clients are the best proof of BookingLive’s success. Thanks to this outstanding booking management software, Mango Studio has been shortlisted for the NE Business Awards 2011 and a multilocation London 2012 contract.

In spite of being created specifically to activity centres, BookingLive is highly configurable to suite for a range of businesses: that is why this software technology is expanding into new markets which require a proven and powerful booking system and the latest e-commerce breakthroughs.

If you need a booking system solution, don’t hesitate to make an online enquire at at or, alternatively, you can give us a call on 01642 680209. We are happy to answer any question about BookingLive so you can begin managing your bookings and business online.