Client Spotlight: Sports for Schools - Booking Systems for Schools

This month we caught up with Jo from Sports for Schools who gave us a great insight into how their business uses BookingLive to maximise success and efficiency.

What do Sports for Schools do?

We run after-school sports clubs in primary schools. We’re currently running 55 different clubs over 10 weeks which involves multi-day schedules. This is why we needed to find a flexible and powerful online booking system. We’ve been using BookingLive since February and it’s made a huge difference to the way we manage our bookings. We’ve been able to move away from paper-based systems and outdated cheque payments and we’re now able to deal with all processes from one place which saves a lot of time!

How does BookingLive help your business?

As we work both with schools and coaches we used to have to contact school offices individually who’d pass on paper forms to parents who’d then pass them back through the school to us. From here we’d have to create and send out manifests to coaches and so on, so forth. Loads of our time and money was spent on admin tasks and we were constantly collating spreadsheets and manifest documents. Our BookingLive system has eliminated all this hassle and more.”

Why did you choose BookingLive?

Before choosing BookingLive we looked at other online booking system providers. We were initially looking for a bespoke system but as we didn’t have a huge budget we decided to go for an off-the-shelf system which could be tailored specifically to our needs. That’s why we chose BookingLive, because it offered much more flexibility than any other online booking system. Although we use our booking system in an unusual way, due to complexities such as our privacy settings, BookingLive have been great at accommodating this. We think the system comes packed with loads of great features such as SMS reminders which we’re looking to add on to our system to further time saving and efficiency.

Parents who are booking their children on to our after-school sports clubs say the booking process is really straightforward and easy to use. This is great because it means they let other parents know about us! We’re happy with BookingLive so far and look forward to continue working with them in the future.


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