Booking System Integrations, Addons & Plugins Update

BookingLive offer a wide range of compatible booking system integrations, plugins and add-ons to enhance your business's functionality. We're constantly adapting our software and increasing the amount of compatible integrations available to you. Four of our most popular integrations are: SMS and email reminders, postcode lookups, MailChimp and Facebook. Read on to find out more, we're sure at least one of our integrations will help further your booking system experience.

SMS and Email Reminders

Increase customer reliability

Make sure your customers don't forget their bookings by sending automated SMS and email reminders. Just set the reminder to send however far in advance you want and the integration does the rest! Customers will have confirmation of their booking and, in turn, they'll value your interaction and efficiency. This will also make them more likely to use your services again, yet another positive!

Postcode Lookup

Save time

BookingLive also integrates with Postcoder so your customers can complete online sign-up and registration forms with ease. Customers simply enter their postcode and Postcoder finds their address, all they have to do is click on the correct first line. If customers are able to make bookings quickly and easily they're more likely to come back and book with you again.


Promote yourself

We know it's near impossible to stay in touch with all customers without a little help. That's why we've developed our software to integrate with MailChimp; a specialised email marketing tool. By using the MailChimp integration you'll be able to automatically subscribe customers to your mailing list when they make a booking or send an enquiry. With MailChimp's expert tools you're also able to learn more about your customers. This means you can keep them up to date with content they're actually interested in.

Facebook App

Increase bookings

Enable customers to check availability directly from your Facebook page. If you already have Facebook you can install our app within seconds by visiting our Facebook app page. Integration with Facebook saves customers' time, which would otherwise be spent getting from Facebook to your website, as well as increasing bookings.

If you want to know more about the various integrations we offer visit our Extras & Addons page or contact us. Make sure you start making the most of our great selection of booking system integrations today!