Here at BookingLive we've been busy developing the next generation of booking software: BookingLive 3. We want to tell you a little about our booking software roadmap, starting from the beginning. BookingLive 2.0 has been employed for years by a variety of businesses, from activity centres to county councils. Although popular and widely-used, BookingLive 2.0 had its drawbacks. That's why, with our clients at the forefront of our minds, we've taken on board your feedback alongside technical advances to improve our software. BookingLive is now more powerful than ever.

New Features

Some new and enhanced features you can expect to see from BookingLive are listed below. This is just to give you an idea of our booking software roadmap, a definitive list will be released upon completion of BookingLive 3.

    • Fully responsive booking process



Whether you're taking bookings for activities, meeting rooms or courses we've got you covered on mobile. To keep you ahead of competitors we've made BookingLive 3 completely mobile responsive. As more and more people are making bookings via tablets and smart phones this will open your business up to a rapidly growing mobile market. Mobile responsive booking systems are a vital part of our booking software roadmap, find out why here.

    • Visual booking management



BookingLive 3 comes with a long awaited admin booking calendar including day, week and month views. You're now able to see all your bookings and availability in one centralised location. At a snapshot you'll see which bookings have spaces left, whether they're staffed and even make a new booking directly from the admin system.

    • Bookings dashboard



Find out what's going on with your business at a glance with BookingLive 3. We're proud to announce the new system comes with a slick new dashboard filled with useful widgets.

    • Improved user experience



We've modified our software interface so your customers are able to navigate through the booking process quickly and easily, meaning they're more likely to come back again!

All new CMS interface which is exclusive to BookingLive and can be viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Not only have we improved the booking process interface, but we've also improved the CMS interface so it's even simpler for you and your staff to use.

    • Powerful reporting



Run all your reports from one place with customisable fields to meet your business' needs. If you need further analysis simply export to Excel and continue working to provide the statistics necessary for your business.

    • Meta data schemas and SEO improvement



BookingLive 3 takes the leg work out of SEO. Not only does the system now provide the normal meta data allowances for pages, but it automatically makes all BookingLive's widgets and data SEO friendly.

Make an impact on Google with BookingLive 3. You're able to display reviews, pricing and location information about your business directly on the search engine.

    • Drag/drop widgets



These can be shared across multiple pages and updated all in one place.

    • Powerful enterprise features



    • Site wide advertisements



More features can be found via our Slideshare page.

Existing Clients

The transition phase of our booking software roadmap will be supported by a brand new, fully accessible website. You'll be able to navigate around the BookingLive website, enabling you to easily find what you're looking for. Although it seems like it's all change there's no need to panic if you're an existing client. We'll be here every step of the way to ensure your BookingLive system is seamlessly updated without loss of data, that's why we've released this booking software roadmap.

We aim to have all existing clients upgraded by the start of 2015 but we'll contact everyone individually with more information nearer the time. In anticipation we've put a whole host of resources in place including:







Silverstripe Integration

Our booking software roadmap is based on Silverstripe 3. Just like BookingLive, Silverstripe were once version 2.0. During Silverstripe's update process they added a new HTML 5/jQuery user interface, which is great for website building. You can find out more about this here. If you're interested in website design then contact us, we offer fully functional, optimised and compliant website solutions.


I hope this insight into our booking software roadmap has made you as excited as we are about BookingLive 3! If you're an existing customer and you have any questions or concerns please refer to our community forums or report them through our online helpdesk. If you're interested in signing up for BookingLive visit our pricing pages or contact us today!