BookingLive Software Reports

The latest version of BookingLive, V3, comes with lots of new and improved features. One of the most highly anticipated updates is the new booking software reporting tools which we have included in V3. These have been broken down in to four key booking software reports: attendees reports, orders reports, payments reports and volume reports.

Our booking software reports can be filtered by daily, weekly, monthly or yearly displays. The reports can also be exported in CSV, Excel or PDF formats.

Additional benefits and features of the new V3 reporting tools include:

  • Intelligent summary information

  • Advanced filters and data

  • Customise reports with branding to maintain professionalism

  • Create your own version of each report or create extra columns to display additional information

  • Coming soon: scheduled reports and webooks

  • Examples of each booking software report are shown below.


Attendees Reports

These booking software reports are great for seeing all bookings made over a specific period of time, as well as viewing the status of a booking i.e. whether or not it has been completed.

Booking Live attendees reports

Orders Reports

Orders reports are great for keeping track of who has booked on to what, the order value and how much of the booking has been paid for e.g. full or part payments. In addition to this, admin users can see a snapshot of the participant's booking details, name and whether or not they have any outstanding payments.

Booking Live orders reports

Payments Reports

The payments reports display the type of payment method a customer has used e.g. cash, card and the gateway used. These booking software reports also show which member of staff the payment was processed by.

Booking Live payments reports

Volume Reports

Volume reports allow admin users to see a breakdown of all bookings, so they can see how many new customers and returning customers they have had over a certain time frame as well as how many cancellations there have been and how many refunds have been processed.

Booking Live volume reports

Therefore to see how these reports work, head to our Webinar page where you can watch a recorded demo of our booking software in action, or book on to a live demo. Contact us to find out more about BookingLive V3.