Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Including FAQs Within the Booking Journey

Although there are a number of people who are under the impression that FAQs are outdated and unnecessary, the crux of the matter is that people still have questions. Here at BookingLive, we believe FAQs are an integral part of the booking software journey. Not only do they improve customer satisfaction, but they also reduce time spent on admin tasks such as replying to the same questions over and over again via phone and email.


To FAQ or to...not

User Experience Researcher and Consultant at the U.S. Digital Service, Dana Chisnell advises that businesses should design their websites "to answer questions without having an FAQ page or section”. She believes businesses should use FAQs they have accumulated throughout the years to shape the website content. Although Chisnell is against a dedicated FAQ page. She still believes FAQs are necessary to "fill in gaps or Band-Aid over problems that surface through questions or issues that users make known to the organization”.

We believe that Including FAQs during the booking journey is a perfect solution, as it provides the most relevant Q&As at the stage most people are likely to abandon their bookings.

BookingLive users Guildford Council share their thoughts on FAQs; "through the addition of various (BookingLive) modules we're able to provide our customers with all the information we are required to. A great example of this is our FAQ section where customers are able to find answers instantly".

Here at BookingLive, we have found the inclusion of FAQs either within the booking journey and/or on a dedicated FAQs page. These are essential to keeping admin time spent on the phones and responding to emails to a minimum. Furthermore, read on to find out how you can set-up FAQs in the BookingLive booking software journey.


BookingLive's FAQs

BookingLive booking software enables users to set-up customisable FAQs which are displayed during the booking journey.

  1.  Log in to your BookingLive system

  2.  Navigate to Settings using the menu on the left hand side and select Booking Pages from the drop down

  3.  Select the Booking Form FAQ tab

booking form faqs

Step 4 - Click Add FAQ Item

new faq item

Step 5 - Input the relevant information in the relevant fields (if you want the FAQ to display on each product booking page, tick the Default tick box).

Step 6 - Click Save. The FAQ will now display on the display on the desired booking page(s).

booking software faq

FAQs in booking journey

booking software booking journey faq

FAQ dropdown in booking journey

Do you still require a dedicated FAQ page, as we do, it is also possible to set the booking pages up to link to a dedicated FAQ page using BookingLive's in-built CMS.

However, if you're an existing BookingLive client, contact us via our Online Forum for more information. Looking to find out more about BookingLive, contact us today.