As many of you are aware, there have been a lot of new and exciting developments here at BookingLive over the last couple of months. Alongside the implementation of BookingLive 3 we've moved to a bigger and better HQ, as well as welcoming new team members! It's safe to say there's a lot going on.

We just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to all our clients for bearing with us over this period. Although the majority of our clients won't have been aware of any changes, we wanted to let you know what's going on in the world of BookingLive.

BookingLive Update

Due to rapid growth we've had to employ more team members. This hasn't been easy. Here at BookingLive we only work with the best, digitally-driven individuals out there, so it takes a lot of time to sift through applicants before finding the right one. In order to help us out with this process we employed a local recruitment agency, Novate IT. We haven't worked with a recruitment agency before, but found we simply didn't have enough time to focus on the task as well as we needed to.

novate Booking Live

We worked closely with Stewart, an IT Recruitment specialist from Novate, to find an additional developer for our team. With the introduction of BookingLive 3 and an increase in clients we needed more hands on deck for development and support tasks. We interviewed a handful of Novate's carefully selected candidates here at our BookingLive HQ before finding the right one. Thanks to Novate we were able to start working with a top developer, who has a wealth of experience and loves all things tech. You can rest assured your BookingLive systems are in the right hands!

We've also welcomed a new Sales Manager and Project Manager to our team too! This is great news for our clients, as it means they'll have more booking system experts working with them, and it's great news for us because we'll have more drinking buddies - not that we go for post-work drinks... The more the merrier!

If you're interested in joining our team head over to our Careers Page (please note: we aren't currently looking to work with any other recruitment agencies for these roles). Fancy have a nose at our new HQ (and team members)? Get in touch, we'd be happy to show you around.

Booking Live update