Why use an Online Booking System?

Running a business has, over the last two decades, changed in ways that could scarcely be predicted. The way we do business has gone from a handshake to a click of a digital button, physical locations have been replaced by websites and myriad other shifts have meant that for traditional businesses, times have changed dramatically.

Perhaps most notable in amongst the changes, however, has been the way in which customers approach businesses to book. Gone are the days in which staff members sat eagerly awaiting calls with a calendar by their side, replaced with online booking systems which take the hassle out of booking for customer and business alike.

But what are the uses of online reservation systems for your business? Join us as we explain, starting with the basics.

What is an online booking system?

At its most basic, an online booking system is software which allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through your website. That means from the moment a customer decides they want to book to choosing a date, picking a time and paying for the booking, everything is handled online.

Advanced systems like ours allow customers to book through a variety of methods online, including mobile and Facebook.

Why would you move bookings online?

In business, oftentimes it’s best to leave a functioning system alone. However, when it comes to your booking system, merely functional isn’t good enough. Many businesses employ a small number dedicated customer service staff tasked with handling, managing and confirming your bookings.

With a growth in customers comes increased demands on your staff, longer wait times and a greater chance of mistakes within your bookings. Couple that with the extensive time spent sorting and manually recording each individual booking and you’ve got an exceptionally inefficient system.

Cheap online booking software, on the other hand, takes all of the stress, strain, mistakes and time out of arranging bookings for your business. Once set up, you can control every aspect of your booking procedure and allow customers to quickly and easily book online.

Of course, having an online seat booking system doesn’t preclude you from operating a more traditional phone-based booking system. It simply means that for customers who prefer it, they can book instantly through their device of choice. For customers and your business, it’s a no-brainer.

What are the applications of an online booking system?

Online booking systems have a huge variety of practical applications, especially if your business is one which requires a customer to make a booking. For activity Features of an online booking systemcentres and tour operators in particular, the benefits of an online booking system are clear to see.

Going online has helped thousands of activity centres and tours across the UK raise their profile, find more customers and get the good word out about they do, so, it makes perfect sense that you’d utilise that increased visibility to drive more bookings.

No longer do potential customers need to call just to find out the availability of your business; they simply need to visit your website. From there, they can book and pay within minutes, letting your guests begin to look forward to their fantastic activity day or tour.

For your business, this represents a huge lifting of workload from staff and dramatically improves the customers buying experience. Customers can make seat reservations through your online booking system and get real-time information on which sears are currently available – minimising reservation errors and unnecessary stress from your bookings.

Which other types of businesses can benefit from an online booking system?

The uses of online booking systems are manyfold, and that makes them ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Put plainly, if your business takes bookings of any kind, it can benefit from BookingLive software.

One of the best loved features of BookingLive® is our multi-platform support, which allows you accept bookings on platforms other than your own website. With our social media tools, you could launch bookings direct through your Facebook page, helping you reach more people than ever before.

With BookingLive you can even set up an online shop where merchandise can be sold alongside your bookings, or upsell your clients with special offers as they complete their purchase.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless businesses turn their online presence into a money generating, reservation booking and customer management hub which drives new and recurring business. Whether you’re a restaurant, training operator, childcare provider even a local gym, online booking systems can revolutionise the way you operate.

What are the other benefits of a BookingLive online booking system?

Although customer convenience and reduced staff workload can’t be overestimated, you might be wondering what other benefits an online reservation system like BookingLive offers your business.

Well, for one, they offer a degree of security that traditional booking methods simply do not. These days, online payment channels like Sage Pay and PayPal have become so ubiquitous in our daily lives that the notion of speaking your card details over the phone feels incredibly insecure.

By offering a secure online booking environment, BookingLive not only enables instant payment for your services, but also ensures that all payments are kept entirely secure, helping to build trust within your business.

So, in truth, the question should be, why wouldn’t you use an online booking system? With more of us than ever browsing, booking and buying online it makes superb business sense, and as business moves increasingly mobile, our tools allow both customers and businesses alike to take their bookings on the road.

Couple that with support for analytics software, custom branding and an integrated blog platform and you’ve got the perfect all-purpose cheap online booking system for your business.