Sync Bookings with Google Calendar

Did you know you can synchronize all your bookings, classes, tours, workshops directly with selected calendars in your Google Calendar account using Bookinglive. Your bookings and the customer details will appear in real time in Google Calendar. The synchronization is a big bonus for mobile workers as it’s updated live on your mobile devices. Existing Booking Live customer? Sync Bookings with Google Calendar today!

How Google Calendar Sync works:

Imagine a “Central Calendar” that shows all the bookings, availability, resources and staff for the day, week or month view. You or individual staff can log into and update Google Calendar on an ad-hoc basis, allowing them to modify and update bookings with ease and without having to login to their booking system.

Top features include:

    • Displaying resources such as vehicles
    • Start and end date and time of the booking
    • Staff assigned
    • Display individual and group bookings
    • Works for multiple locations
    • Read back created events that are marked as busy into the booking system

Syncing with BookingLive

For more details or a step by step guide on how to set this up pleaser refer to the user manual or contact us at