Why your Public Sector Business Needs an Online Booking System

Managing the finances of a public-sector business is a fine balancing act. Not only are the regulations strict, but budgets are almost constantly under fire as successive governments look to reduce the taxpayer burden whilst maintaining quality public sector services.

Under those circumstances, you’d be forgiven for believing that outfitting your business with an online booking platform might not be a priority at this moment. Well, we’re here to help you explore how that simply isn’t the case.

In fact, not only can online booking software like BookingLive improve the efficiency of your organisation, but it can help increase revenue, offsetting the cost of the platform itself.

To say those are the only benefits though would be to sell public sector online booking systems well short of their true worth, though. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide of just a handful of the huge reasons why you need a public sector booking system.


Your customers are online

It won’t come as a surprise, but the way that people discover the vital information regarding government services has changed fundamentally since the popularisation of the internet. Once the preserve of phone lines and leaflets, information about public sector services has moved online and the public is discovering that information in droves.

For example, 2015 saw over 659 million people visit local government websites – over 10 visits for every single person in the country. Those are huge numbers, but keep in mind that these numbers are only going up as more and more people gain access to the internet.


Your staff are tied up in customer booking management

With budgets tight and staff overloaded with work, it can be a challenge to operate successful, efficient services whilst managing bookings from citizens. By operating telephone booking systems, you’re requiring staff to take time away from their other duties to manage calls, slowing down their workflow and interrupting valuable working time.

A Public sector booking system can relieve your staff of pressures of managing a telephone booking system, letting them get on with their job free from distraction.


Manual admin tasks are swallowing your working hours and budget

Admin tasks are tough, boring and often expensive necessities of running any business. For public sector business that takes bookings, though, they can feel particularly frustrating.

BookingLive simplifies your admin tasks by automating a great many of them. Alongside taking bookings from customers online (either at your website or through your Facebook page), BookingLive’s public sector booking software can generate reports, manage staff timetables, send our reminder emails, take payments and issue receipts.

That kind of time-saving functionality can be a huge boon to public sector companies.


Many councils are already on board

BookingLive have been proudly partnering with a variety of UK councils with online booking software for a number of years now, helping to drive online booking adoption forwards in the public sector.

This has had the secondary function of raising expectation levels amongst the population, who have come to expect all councils and public service sector businesses to offer an online booking option. Take a quick look at just some of the councils we already work with!


Public sector businesses need to fit around the lives of those they serve

If working in the public sector is about helping to improve the lives of the people in your area, it only stands to reason that your booking service should fit around their lives too.

Traditional telephone booking requires specific operating hours, dramatically increasing the difficulty your customers face as they attempt to book. More and more, we all live complicated lives in which we might not be able to get to a telephone within office hours in order to book.


By using BookingLive to automate your booking process, your customers can book at any time, from any internet-enabled device, therefore enjoying the maximum ease of use available.


BookingLive is G-Cloud approved suppliers in providing booking and appointment software to local and central government. So head over to our Public Sector Booking System page to find out more.


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