Online Booking Systems For The Public Sector

Everybody knows government offices and businesses that cater to the public sector in general adhere to strict regulations and budgets. So it is understandable that online booking systems for the public sector is not a priority among department heads. But we at BookingLive want to change this view. Online booking software can tremendously improve the efficiency of public sector offices. Not only that, it can also increase revenue so the cost of installing the system will be covered over time.

What Can Online Booking Systems For the Public Sector Do For You?

If you believe that your office is missing out on earning revenues because you have to turn away customers and direct them to other sites for online bookings, then online booking systems for the public sector is the answer to your problem. With an online booking system in your site, you attract more customers because they can conveniently schedule their holiday vacations, business meetings and other events and services whilst you can charge partial or full payments for these.

According to research, most public companies use email or phones for booking instead of doing it online. This system works if customers don’t have questions or you are only entertaining a few number of people. However, when you are catering to thousands of customers and your website has high traffic, it’s time to seriously consider an online booking system. Not only will you be able to cut down on man hours, you will also have a higher customer retention rate. Why? Because customers get frustrated with a slow manual booking process which also has a higher tendency of having errors. With online booking systems for the public sector, you can increase your sales while also avoiding negative reviews.

What Are The Features of An Online Booking System

Online booking systems are feature-heavy, meaning you are sure to find a feature or two that will fit your needs as a business in the public sector. With a clientele that includes Sports for Schools and Merton Council, BookingLive is familiar with working with public companies.

The processing of VAT, concession rates and invoices is now a standard among BookingLive software. Apart from these, the company also offers a comprehensive business management, tracking and reporting package together with a professional support team. When you avail of BookingLive’s software, you will be given your personal Account Manager that will help you in the set-up so you could instantly offer an online booking feature in your site the soonest time possible.

One of the top features of the company’s online booking system is its upload option. This allows customers to upload pertinent documents required for a booking to push through. For example, parents can upload their family’s passports if they are booking tickets for a trip abroad. This is quite essential since most bookings of the public entail age verification. BookingLive is even part of local authority networks so you are guaranteed that all your transactions follow through smoothly. The system can also be customized so you can feature options, like availability calendars, easily into your page. BookingLive also provides website design so your website can be compatible with mobile gadgets.

The following are the top uses of BookingLive in the public sector:

  • Activity bookings
  • Hotel and venue bookings
  • Event ticket sales
  • Sale and redemption of vouchers
  • Leisure area bookings like pitch bookings
  • Mobile and epos bookings
  • Club memberships with monthly premiums

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