Mobile Booking System

BookingLive is mobile! With its clear and simple layout, our mobile booking system allows your customers to efficiently and easily make their bookings directly on their mobile and tablet devices.

With nearly 1 billion people set to own a smartphone by 2015, it is important your booking system and website maintains cross browser and device compatibility. BookingLive is suitable for many disciplinaries including:






What is a Mobile Booking System?

A Mobile Booking System refers to access to a mobile optimised booking system on the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based Internet booking system such as BookingLive, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, an ipad or other tablet computer, connected to a mobile or cellular network or other wireless network. Traditionally, access to the internet has been via fixed-line services eg broadband on desktop and laptop computers. However, the Web is becoming more accessible by portable and wireless devices and as such websites and booking systems need to be responsive to those devices.

Is a Mobile Booking System Important?

Did you know… Mobile bookings are set to exceed desktop bookings by 2015! The chances are that many of your customers are already making bookings on a mobile / portable device.

When SS3 is launched on BookingLive (2013), your mobile booking system will automatically detect the device your customers are using eg an iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device. Rather than opening the standard desktop booking system, BookingLive will open mobile optimised pages specifically designed for a small screen.

What do you need to do?

Absolutely nothing! As part of being a valued BookingLive customer, your mobile booking system will be upgraded as and when mobile optimisation continues to improve. We recommend that you also optimise your website so that it is easier for someone using a portable device to access the mobile booking system.

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