Maximise Customer Engagement with an Online Booking System

E-commerce and online trade is an ever growing trend, in 2011 out of every £10 spent in the UK this year £1 was spent online, and it is expected to rise by 15% this year. More and more customers are expecting to access product information and be able to make online purchases instantly.

This can create positive outcomes for business, as labour costs are cheaper, selling hours are 24/7, and more company information is able to be stored and processed.

With instant purchase also comes instant feedback, e-commerce is now a two way conversation, allowing allowing customers to instantly vent their experiences positively -or harmfully.
There are now a number of different outlets for customers to express opinion, from Facebook to TripAdvisor, all can be an excellent opportunity to gain customer perspective and insight. Allowing your customers to communicate directly to you is the first step to successful two-way communication and a positive online reputation. Without tools such as forums, blog posts, twitter, and email, businesses can be blind to what is being said about them online. By being part of this online community businesses are first of able to stop any bad ‘word-of-mouse’ exposure at the root.

Blog posts and Facebook comments can instantly notify you, and problems can be resolved publicly, improving support image and brand reputation. Online customer engagement can also keep customer interest high, as they are able to interact with any online campaign, which enables business to measure their effectiveness easily. Online campaigns can also be exposed to only those that show an interest in the company, reducing costs and obtrusive marketing. Business websites can now speak to the customer, rather than at them.

BookingLive can provide all of these two way methods of communication to post and collect all potential customer information. As well as providing an efficient online booking system and purchasing service, we can integrate tools such as a webpage blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and TripAdvisor widgets, live chat, and monthly newsletters to fully cover all areas of customer engagement. Online tools like this can compensate for expensive audience research, time spent on the phone for customer support, and reduces the number of unsatisfied customers by being able to resolve their problems online quickly and efficiently.


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