Secure & Comprehensive Leisure Management Software

Secure & Comprehensive Leisure Management Software

Many of our clients here at BookingLive use our online booking systems for their leisure businesses. This probably has something to do with the fully comprehensive leisure management software we offer. Designed to manage memberships, sales, access control and more it’s the solution to all your leisure business’s needs.

By incorporating our easy-to-use leisure management software into your business you’ll save time spent on laborious admin and management tasks.  Studies show giving customers the ability to book online not only increases the amount of bookings made, but it also decreases the amount of cancellations and no shows. You’ll even be able to get rid of outdated paper diary systems which aren’t secure and cause problems such as overbooking. BookingLive’s leisure management software eliminates all these problems and more.

Content Management System (CMS)

BookingLive’s leisure management software allows you to safely and securely store all records, from member information to financial details. From one centralised management system you’re able to quickly search through and organise all your business’s information. We understand no two business are the same which is why our leisure management software has been designed with a flexible and intuitive core. You have the choice of various features such as multiple membership options. You can also set discounted memberships to go on sale for a limited amount of time. As no downloads are required with BookingLive you’re able to access your leisure management software from anywhere, at any time!

Financial Control


There’s no need to spend time worrying about stressful financial issues with BookingLive‘s leisure management software. You can easily access each member’s financial activity to ensure they’re up-to-date with membership payments. Our leisure management software ensures you don’t lose out on any revenue.


Admissions Log & Analysis

With BookingLive’s leisure management software you can view aspects such as attendance histories so you can better understand your customers and create successful marketing material. Payments which are due, or memberships which have expired, are automatically updated so you can track any charges you are owed.

Full Reporting

Need to generate clear reports about memberships, attendance or accounts? No problem, our leisure management software creates a range of automatic reports. Each report can be exported as CSV, emailed and printed.


Send specific members SMS and email messages with leisure management software so your customers are up-to-date with any upcoming events or promotions. All you need to do is select which members you wish to send messages too and our software does the rest!

Online Booking Manager

You can create booking slots for inductions, classes, sessions and more quickly and easily with our leisure management software. Choose specific dates and times so your website visitors are able to check live availability and make bookings online. With BookingLive you can even customise the booking process so it fits your brand identity perfectly.

To sign-up for our leisure management software, or to find out more, check out our website or contact us today!


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