Common Uses of Course Booking Software

Common Uses of Course Booking Software

One of the most popular uses of BookingLive is its course booking software functionality. From resuscitation courses, to climbing and scuba diving courses, it’s safe to say BookingLive’s course booking software is extremely flexible. To provide you with further insight into how Course Booking System is used, we have outlined some examples of our clients’ businesses below. Although course booking software is used across many industries, we have found it is predominately used by tour and activity providers, educational bodies and health organisations which is why we have chosen to outline how they use BookingLive.

Course Booking Software for Tour & Activity Providers

We work with a large number of activity and tour providers who use course booking software within their businesses. A handful of our clients run climbing courses and use BookingLive software and have found the software extremely beneficial. Activity provider,  Scuba Duba Dive  use BookingLive’s course booking software for their scuba diving courses. The company’s founder explains “BookingLive is mobile friendly without having to incorporate another CSS design. I’m now able to track payments for large groups who’ve booked on to a course all in one place. I’m also able to log in to my system via my mobile and tablet devices, it’s definitely compatible.”

Scuba Duba Dive make use of a range of BookingLive’s features, including SEO. Mungo believes “the SEO part of BookingLive is brilliant. Scuba Duba Dive is now far higher up on Google searches and we’re receiving much more website traffic”.


Course Booking Software for Education & Health

Two other main industries who use course booking software are education and health. Course booking software is used within the health sector by our clients including the NHS who use it to take bookings for resuscitation courses. BookingLive users such as Bristol 2015 use course booking software to manage their sustainability workshops. Jo Taylor, Bristol 2015’s Head of Education, explains that “theoretically, teachers can set their class some work, open our website and fill out the short booking form, or do it at the end of the day or weekend when they are planning ahead. This has worked really well and teachers have said they like the flexibility of booking when they want”.

course booking software bristol 2015

For more examples of course booking software in action, head to our Case Studies page. If you are looking to implement course booking software, we recommend watching a demo of BookingLive in action or contacting us to discuss your individual needs. More information about the additional functionality BookingLive has to offer can be found on our Products page.

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