Client Spotlight: Wimbledon Park – Online Booking System for Schools

Client Spotlight: Wimbledon Park Primary School – Online Booking System for Schools

As schools are currently in the minority of online booking system users we were curious to find out the advantages of implementing one from one of our clients. Helen from Wimbledon Park Primary School answered some of our questions about their experience with Booking Live so far and how an online booking system for schools has helped them. 

How do you use Booking Live within a school environment?

“We take online bookings for after-school kids clubs. Many of the pupils who attend these clubs do so because their parents work full-time, so it made sense to start providing them with online booking options so they could make bookings quickly rather than having to phone up. We’re already seeing great results and now take approximately 200 to 300 bookings each week! This was unheard of before we set-up the system. Like many schools we used to take our bookings via email or over the phone which involved the creation of complicated spreadsheets. We were making mistakes and it was taking up a huge portion of time which wasn’t being justified by the end results. We’re now able to make use of handy features such as viewing the number of children who are booked on to Kids Club. We can then use this as a reference to ensure we have things such as enough food for each child.”

Why did Booking Live stand out?

“We first came across Booking Live through our local council, Merton Borough Council, as they use it to take bookings on their website so thought it must be pretty good. We then went on to research online booking systems and chose Booking Live because we were looking for a system that could be tailored to our individual needs. Although Booking Live is somewhat of an off-the-shelf product we picked it over others due to its bespoke qualities which have enabled us to tailor the system to suit our needs.”

What would you like to change about Booking Live?

“It would be great to see further defining channels within manifests and reports but have heard this is on the way in version 3. Although helpful, the terms used via the online helpdesk are often a bit too tecchie for us so it’d also be good to have simpler instructions at times!”

What’s the best thing about Booking Live so far?

“Our project wasn’t delivered on time, due to complications on our side rather than Booking Live’s, so we really appreciate the amount of time and patience the team have put in to getting us up and running! The online helpdesk is good and we always get prompt responses. We’re looking forward to completing the setup of various features such as reporting and manifests to make our online booking process even better.”

It’s so great to hear that online booking technology is being welcomed in to areas such as schools where it hasn’t been used previously. It’s even better to hear how well people are getting on with Booking Live’s online booking system for schools, thanks Helen for your insightful feedback! As many of you already know we’re in the process of updating the entirety of Booking Live, from version 3 to a brand new user manual, so any overtly technical terms will be a thing of the past.


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