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The Top Three Integrations of BookingLive

When it comes to online booking systems, there are few with as much freedom as BookingLive. Our software makes it easy for customers to book online, whether it’s via their Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop. Online businesses expect more than a mere booking system, and that’s why at BookingLive we support more than 30 integrations that […]

How To Keep Customers Engaged Once They’ve Booked

If you’ve been in business for years, or only just starting up, you know that there’s no thrill quite like seeing a customer book for the very first time. It’s a sure sign that something’s gone right, but the journey doesn’t end there. After the booking, there’s a great deal more you can do to […]

FileMaker Booking Systems VS. BookingLive

If your business takes bookings, then you need an online booking platform. It’s an essential part of doing business in 2017, with online booking systems saving your staff time, enabling customers to book around the clock and bringing your company in line with a modern consumers expectations. Knowing which online booking platform to go with […]

Top Tips to Grow your Small Activity Centre

The beauty of a small business lies in the ease in which changes can be made. Alterations to your strategy can be tried out with little by way of dramatic consequence. However, running a small business also brings many challenges with it too. That small & nimble nature means that growth is absolutely essential and […]

Mobile Booking Software – Do you need it?

l a| Right now in 2016, 2.1 billion people have a smartphone. For many of those people, it’s the only way they access and interact with the internet. By 2020, smartphone ownership is estimated to reach an astonishing 2.87 billion people, helping to expand the World Wide Web to more people than ever before. With […]

Why use an Online Booking System?

Running a business has, over the last two decades, changed in ways that could scarcely be predicted. The way we do business has gone from a handshake to a click of a digital button, physical locations have been replaced by websites and myriad other shifts have meant that for traditional businesses, times have changed dramatically. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Online Booking Systems

The internet has fundamentally altered every aspect of running a business, and that includes the way we make and take bookings. Gone are the days in which customers would pick up the phone, pull out our diary and pick a date which worked for both parties. In 2016, we book online through social networks, dedicated […]

BookingLive® Software Recognised as Ideal Small Business Solution

It’s no secret that if you’re looking to launch a new small business, you need every tool at your disposal to make yourself a success. In 2016, the average customer looks for convenience, speed and competency from every business they encounter, both online and in real life. Those requirements mean that for a fledgling small […]

Online Booking Systems For The Public Sector

Everybody knows government offices and businesses that cater to the public sector in general adhere to strict regulations and budgets. So it is understandable that online booking systems for the public sector is not a priority among department heads. But we at Booking Live want to change this view. Online booking software can tremendously improve […]

The Rise Of EPOS and Why You Need It!

EPOS Booking Systems The rise of EPOS Booking Systems, (also known as Electronic Point Of Sale Systems), is used in various business operations. This system offers a wide range of benefits on top of its major role in eCommerce. EPOS Booking Systems covers several business aspects, including storage of relevant customer data and sales computations. Booking systems […]