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Sync Bookings with Google Calendar

Keeping track of your bookings whether it’s, classes, tours and workshops whilst managing a business can be a real struggle. Though we’ve moved away from wall calendars and convoluted colour-coded systems towards tools like Google Calendar, it’s fair to say that our digital organisation tools don’t often integrate in a way which allows us to […]

Why your Public Sector Business Needs an Online Booking System

  Managing the finances of a public-sector business is a fine balancing act. Not only are the regulations strict, but budgets are almost constantly under fire as successive governments look to reduce the taxpayer burden whilst maintaining quality public sector services. Under those circumstances, you’d be forgiven for believing that outfitting your business with an […]

BookingLive’s Day at The Bett Show: Technology in Education

BookingLive’s Day at The Bett Show: Technology in Education   Yesterday a couple of the BookingLive team, myself included, travelled to London to check out the world’s largest technology in education event: The Bett Show. We went on a quest to gain new information and knowledge about the educational sector and to find out if […]

Boost reservations – Check availability the social way!

An extra addition to our Booking Software Facebook is a great way to connect with customers, and we’ve just made it easier with our online Facebook app which allows customers to make bookings, check availability and automatically displaying all activities, categories and locations through social networking. All with easy and simple steps! It’s proven to work […]

How Online Bookings can help you Redeem Groupon Gift Vouchers

Every business’ objective is to maximise sales. But how can an online booking system help you maximise sales? Well, e-commerce is a fantastic way to bring in additional sales from new and exciting channels. As an activity centre or any other business, you have the potential to use gift agents such as Groupon and LivingSocial to […]